Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I create accessories as a hobby (check out my first blog) but once in a while, I still buy accessories either as inspiration or I just love it so much, I want to wear it :D As mentioned in my previous blog, I recently cleaned my closet...I never realized I had so much accessories until that day! I think accessories play an important role in your outfit because it helps show the mood you want to portray (case in point: stacked bangles portrays bohemian while a strand of pearls equates to classic sophistication). Personally, I like chunky necklaces and bracelets... but really, as long as it's cute, fun, and unique (hopefully), I'll probably want it :)

My items for the day are some of the accessories that I bought that I truly, truly wish I was the one who created it :) :

Bought at Landmark (it's cheap too!) Love how the fabric was used to cover the beads and I also admire the gold accents.

How cute is the owl? :D Also, the bangle is very versatile because of its color - black,white & gold.

Another Landmark purchase. I have this weakness for accessories with cloth or ribbon accents. In this case, it has both :)

My friends tease me on this one... They tell me, "how come you wear coins on your neck?" :p (I think this one looks more like chocolate candies :D )

I'm not really a great fan of silver but I just adore the leaf motif & layering on this one.

Weaved native-looking bracelets :) It can be classic & fun at the same time :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flower Power

I recently cleaned my closet and rearranged the clothes inside then I've noticed something... I have a LOT of floral printed items! So many that I could probably plant a garden in my room :D I just love floral prints... it's a classic feminine print. Whether it's a trend or not, I will always gravitate towards/lust over/obsessed about floral prints!

Naturally, my items for today are the floral printed outfits that I was able to take pictures of while cleaning the closet... these are just some of it (so imagine how many more I have that I wasn't able to take pics of!):

This is my latest thrift shopping acquisition :) I love it because it has this romantic feel to it. The leaves look like it was hand drawn

I have this for quite some time now. It barely fits me now :D I'm not sure if the dress shrinked or if I was the one who gained weight  (I prefer the former) :P

I bought this at a bazaar for P150 (roughly US$3). Love the vibrant colors :)

Another one of my thrift shopping buys. It may look like a nightgown to you but put a belt and leggings... presto!... instant bohemian/romantic outfit.

Print on print is a big trend now... I hope this one passes the trend. Two floral prints in one tunic :)

One of my favorite skirts :) I got this from a surplus shop... love the combination of florals and stripes.

I bought this dress online last week . It is refreshing that it's not a in-your-face floral print... more abstract really (and very important --- it's cheap!).

Monday, January 24, 2011


I just remembered why I wanted to create a blog in the first place... to show my love for anything thrifted! :) (or what we call "ukay" or "ukay-ukay"). I'm not sure how this word was first used to describe thrifting. I guess it's because you literally have to 'dig' and sift through all the clothes in a thrift shop, "dig" = hukay (Tagalog) = ukay :D Anyway, thrift shopping is not for everyone. I even didn't 'dig' the thrifting habit in the beginning but gradually, I became a fan. Where else can you find the rejects of other people (and take note, most are really rarely used) and it becomes another person's most treasured items :D Others may have issues with hygiene but you have to have a keen eye (and nose) to actually know what is worth keeping or not. I'm not an expert but I can say that my years of experience in thrift shopping taught me a lot about it.

In the spirit of thrift shopping, here are information that we may want to remember about it (in my opinion):

U - Uniqueness: since the items came from other places, there is a high possibility that you're the only one who has that particular outfit in your area (hopefully :p) So if you want to be truly unique, thrift shopping is the way to go.

K - Knowledge: better be armed with info before doing thrift shopping --- where's the best place to go thrift shopping, when will they have new stocks available (I've noticed from the thrift shops I've been to that they're pretty consistent about when they release new items), what's worth buying or not (missing button is fine but a hole or a stain is not worth it at all)

A- Admiration: you should have at least an admiration for thrift shopping to really appreciate it. You can't enjoy thrift shopping if your mindset is not open enough to the possibility of getting dirty or not finding anything you like. Finding items there is more of a luck, so it's best to be flexible.

Y - Youthfulness: You'll find more and more younger people doing thrift shopping for fun... and they really do find amazing items :D Youthfulness also means some of the clothes you'll find are the trendy items that were already rejected by other people (mostly clothes from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea) because "it was so last season". Nevertheless, it's still a very nice item and you can't care less if it's not on trend anymore :)

Since, I've been talking about thrift shopping, it's only logical that my items for the day are some of my clothes that I bought from thrift shops (and I continue to wear them, by the way). Sorry for the crappy pics, I was a bit in a hurry when I took these pics:

My favorite dress so far... love the color and print (it comes with a belt which I forgot to include in the pic)

HOLLYWOOD! I love the quirky print... it even has Marilyn Monroe in it :)

Another one of my favorite dresses. The print is so summery and vibrant. It is sort of a classic 50s style.

This is made of chiffon and is an excellent swimsuit topper

So the next time you see a thrift shop, dare to explore what's in it. You might just end up having a great time! :)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes is truly golden

Ok, at this point I admit that I'm a terrible blogger... I can't keep up posting blogs :P But at least I have posted again after a week (as opposed to a month)! :D

Anyway, I've seen the pics from the recently concluded Golden Globe awards. I have my favorite pics as well as those that I didn't like to much.

My favorites are:

1. Sandra Bullock - I love the glitzy meets girly look on her gown. It has silver shiny shimmering thing going on but the color (light pink) offsets it.
2. Olivia Wilde - if I have the body of Olivia, I would wear a ball gown everyday :p She can carry the weight of the gown with her figure and height... and have you seen the gold heels--- feels like a Cinderella moment... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
3. Anne Hathaway - what's up with shiny shimmering things??? :D (well, its GOLDEN Globes after all :p)  good for her she wears the dress... not the other way around... it is conservative on the front... but the surprise is actually at the back---think if they remove 2 more inches, we would have seen more than just the back :D
4. Angelina Jolie - similar concept from Anne's gown... but it is more conservative and it is in an amazing emerald color. I'm not a great fan of green, but it suits Angelina just fine... and it's a color you don't get to see on her often (she wears a lot of black!)

The one I don't feel at all:

1. Michelle Williams - I know my blog states quirky... and it is a quirky outfit... I should love it then, right? But there is just something about it that I don't like - the color (it's a bit bland), the print (it's too daytime for an evening ceremony), and the overall shape (I don't want to gain an additional 10 pounds because my dress have ruffles on the side). I think she's going for something unique to go with her amazing pixie cut hair, but sorry to say, for me, her effort just went flat :(

2. Natalie Portman - I think every entertainment news show is excited to see what Natalie Portman will wear because she is the one expected to win Best Actress... and alas, she wears something that looks like a bridesmaid dress only with big red rose accent at the center (which I don't get either). Some may like this dress, but again, this is just my personal opinion. Good thing she's glowing because of her growing baby bump :)

3. Helena Bonham Carter - I don't have words to describe the dress(sack/wrap/God knows what)!... and don't even go to the (mismatch)shoes!IF there is one good thing about her... she's consistent in her fashion choices :D

Got to love this award shows... gives us something to talk about (fashion-wise) :D

My items for the day have nothing to do with Golden Globes but instead, my long lost promise.... pics of the items I bought from Vietnam :P I only have 2 of the 5 items but at least I fulfilled my promise (half of it anyway).

Love the rose access (on the side) and the print

The material is chiffon - very light and airy :)

Blouse/tunic/short dress (also in chiffon). Love the bohemian feel to it

Until next time! (hopefully tomorrow :D)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm trying... I'm trying to update my blog as much as I can. Yet I'm stuck at my day job, working like a slave :p Now, I'm unable to post blogs even if I want to. I'm fed up with my job that I just want to leave everything and leave... but I need money for my shopping needs :D

Enough about the drama... Let's get back to (blog) business. I joined this site - It's an online community where you can upload a (chic) picture of you and blog about what you feel regarding the outfit. The other members may comment and vote for your pics :) It's fun because you get to see other people's style and also find your next fashion inspiration. Since the members are from all over the world, you can check out the trends of people from other countries :D I still don't have a lot of points yet (especially compared to others whose styles are freakin' amazing!) but it challenges me to be more creative in my style and show the quirky and classic in me :D Now this is a fashion crossroad for me!

My camera's still busted so my items for today are archive photos of some of my shoes that I absolutely love (again) :p

I love flats... they're very comfy... but I'm not the type that buys simple flats...the quirky side of me comes out - I want embellished and/or printed flats (like the first 2 pics). As for heels, I'm not exactly a stilletto person as I don't think it can carry my weight. I want chunky heels or wedges if I feel like adding some height :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Start the new year right... I hope

I usually don't create a New Year's Resolution because I know I'll break them anyway :D But this time around, I made one because I'm determined to make things happen. Hoping & praying that I won't break my promise to myself. Anyway, here's my resolution:

1. Lose 30 pounds (ok, make that 20 :p) and eat healthy
2. Stop swearing (easier said than done...)
3. Stop being lazy
4. Don't procrastinate!!!
5. Be F-A-S-H all the time
6. To update my blog and my Facebook account as much as I can (this helps me if I'm actually following the first five resolutions :p)
7. Be more paaaatttttiiiiiieeeeennnnntttttt with everything and everyone :P
8. Work harder!
9. Make more accessories and finally have the courage to sell them :D
10. Be happy :D

I said on my last blog that I'll be posting pics of the items I bought from Vietnam. Unfortunately, my camera's busted so I still don't have the pics. So my item of the day is not actually an item, but a place.... so here's the Place of the Day :)

Ho Chi Minh City was occupied by the French so some of the buildings there have a classical French architecture.

Notre Dame Cathedral (inspired by the real Notre Dame Cathedral in France)

 Outside the Ho Chi Minh Post Office

The telephone booths inside the Post Office

 Inside the Post Office (talk about a very posh post office!)

Exteriors of the City Hall (for a minute, I though I was in France :D)