Friday, November 19, 2010

Style Inspirations

Yesterday, I browsed through the pics of the latest Harry Potter movie premiere... Emma Watson looked stunning in a black lace and feather dress! She's such a fashionista :D How I wish that I was that stylish when I was her age :) I also browsed through the pics of Kate Middleton (she's currently in the news because of her engagement to Prince William --- lucky girl :P ). Even if she's not yet married to his prince, her style is already commanding presence and respect. Prince William did choose wisely :)

Speaking of fashionable ladies, I thought to myself who I admire fashion-wise. I came up with a list of my style inspirations and why I admire them:

1. Emma Watson - she didn't went through much of an awkward stage... so blessed!
2. Carey Mulligan - love her *quirky* fashion choices
3. Zooey Deschanel - same reason as Carey Mulligan :)
4. Ginnifer Goodwin - not too quirky like the 2 & 3 but fashionable none the less
5. Michelle Obama - she leans towards the classic side but not at all stiff for a first lady... I admire her love of color and accessories too
6. Rachel Bilson - she's a fashion risk taker but still knows what looks good on her
7. Taylor Tomasi-Hill - has amazing accessories....

I'm pretty sure there are still a lot of fashionable ladies around but these 7 are on top of my mind...

Starting today, I will introduce a featured item or items... items that I'm happy to show you guys, accessories that I made, items that I have plans of selling (in the future... I plan to open an online store *cross fingers*), or any random things that I fancy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being boastful here... as a thrift shopper, I find items that are *inexpensive* but beautiful (to me anyway :P)...


Featured item/s of the day:

One of my "classic" shoes... I love the thick heels as it can carry my (heavy) weight :D

(bit of a) "quirky" shoes... love the floral print... dainty and girly... but not quite classic

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