Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mega Sale!

As much as I want to blog about Prince William & Kate's wedding, I was at work at that time and didn't get to see much of it. What I want to say though is that Kate (or should I say, HRH Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) looks amazing in that wedding dress! It's true to her style - classic and regal.

Anyway, what I want to share to you is my experience with the ongoing 3-day sale at SM Megamall (April 29-May 1). I went there yesterday and I have to say, it's both exciting and exhausting! Exciting because there are a lot to choose from... and exhausting because I feel like half of the population of Manila is there! :P I swear, at one point I thought that I was going to faint...

I have taken pics of my purchases. Again, I do apologize for my lack of photography and editing skills... do appreciate the items though :D

Here's the pic of what I wore that day:

Top, shorts, & beaded sandals: SM (haha I only realized it now that all of it are from SM :p), sequined bag: thrifted.
upclose pic of the sandals

I bought a dress and 2 tops from SM Department Store. I could have bought more if not for the hoards of people inside :p (it's hard to move and carry a lot with that condition)

animal print sleeveless dress... light enough that it's good for the increasingly hot weather. dress: Samlin
upclose pic of the dress... it actually has a stripe detail as well :)
My favorite purchase in the department store. It's a chiffon top with nautical details :) perfect for summer! top: Unica Hija

upclose pic of the print and gold buttons

Pleated top with flower print trim and ribbon belt. It's very vintage- looking which is ideal for pencil cut skirts or slim pants

Upclose pic of the pleated details and the floral ribbon belt

beige lace up sandals

Also, when I usually go to Forever 21, I only end up buying accessories... but this time I was finally able to buy 3 outfits which I sooo love! :D

This boho top may not be the ideal color for summer but I was really drawn to the details... so I will still think about when I should wear this :D

Details on the top.... so exotic looking :D

This is another bohemian top which I can definitely wear this summer! It's light colored and sheer :)

The embroidered details, the tassels, and lace... perfect! This is my favorite purchase in F21.

Red satin dress with sleeve details. When I bought this, I really thought that it's fuschia pink. It was only when I was taking pictures of it did I realize that it's actually red (and I didn't read the tag which indicated that it's Red :P)

The sleeve... it's a cool and surprising detail for a simple dress :)

I can say that even if I ended up so tired when I reached home, it was a very fruitful day indeed ;)

P.S. I mentioned on my previous post that I'll be posting my ukay purchases from Baguio. Well, I forgot to take pictures plus I already sent the outfits to the laundry shop... so I'll just post them one of these days (I hope) :P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome Back!

Yoohoo for long weekends! :D I just came back from Baguio (where I'm from) to see my family and friends again... and also, to escape the Manila heat (Baguio has a cooler temperature than most areas here in the Philippines). But more than just seeing my family and escaping the heat, I also went home to check out the ukay-ukay (thrift) shops :D (Baguio is well known for it's thrift shops, it's becoming a tourist attraction!)

This is just a quick post again as I'm busy with work... it's the standard formula --- longer weekends = more work waiting for you :(

I'll be posting my Baguio pics and thrift finds as soon as I can... gosh, it's work, work, work for me.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Next time I'll come prepared

I just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I was told beforehand that it's cold there but I never expected for it to be THAT cold! My initial plan was to wear dresses and leggings for the entire vacation but I brought tops and jeans as back up... I ended up wearing the back up outfits instead! When I looked back at the pictures, my Hong Kong outfit is similar to what I wore last Friday :p The only difference is the top, jacket & scarf. Speaking of scarf, I had no intention of bringing it initially but an inner voice told me to just bring it anyway.... and thank God I did :D It's a lifesaver! ... and talk about the jacket... I brought 2 but the other one was not thick enough to protect me from the weather, I wasn't able to use it :(

When I travel outside the Philippines, the weather on those destination countries is usually hot & humid (we plan it so that it's summer on those countries). This is actually the first time that we had planned to go that is not hot at all :)... but still I wasn't prepared :P

It's all over now and I cannot do anything about it. The important thing is that we had a lot of fun :D Here are some of the pictures of my recent travel:

Ngong Ping cable car ride. Inside the Crystal Cabin , going to the large bronze

Don't choose the Crystal Cabin if you're afraid of heights :P

Yes, it's that high :D

Ngong Ping village. I love the arch :)

Hong Kong Disneyland!

Wish I could be Cinderella for a day :P

Adventureland inside Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Outfit - jacket: SM Surplus, scarf: gift from friend, top (with black studs details): ForMe, black pants

Senado Square, Macau. A prime tourist spot.

My initial Macau outfit (the only time I was able to remove my jacket :P). Behind the St. Paul ruins (it was around lunchtime so it was relatively 'hot'). Striped bolero: Landmark, scarf: gift from friend, white top: 168

Together with my sister at Kum Iam statue. Scarf, jacket, pants - same as HK outfit, floral top: Landmark, wraparound weave belt: SM Dept Store, sandals - SoFab

It was really cold and windy that I can't smile properly! :D

Inside the Venetian Hotel

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fish Scales

Thank God it's Friday! :D I love it when all you have to do now is sleep and eat and not worry about work :p It's an added bonus that I'll actually be traveling to Hong Kong & Macau this weekend! I'm busy preparing my outfit that I'll be wearing so I want to keep this short.

The title pertains to the pattern of the top. It reminds me of fish scales :D What's amazing is the color... cobalt blue. I used to baby blues but now... the brighter, the better :P

I wear (more like abuse) my black jeans a lot... I actually have 2 pairs of this jeans because I just a hard time finding a good pair so when I finally found something that fits, I just have to buy 2 :D

I finished my outfit by wearing opposing types of accessories... the black chain necklace and the cheerful printed flats.

Top & Necklace: Landmark, Jeans: SM Dept Store, Flats: bought from bazaar

Cute fruit and flower print... with studs too!

The layered chain necklace

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy Thursday

Just when I thought that the last 3 work days were hectic, Thursday seems to top it all! I wasn't able to do anything properly because I'm doing something left and right :( I don't know if what is need is time management or another officemate to help me :P Oh well, I've been blabbing all about work this week...only goes to shows that work is occupying my life! Good thing that tomorrow's Friday... TGIF indeed! :D Just hope that it will get better.

For my Items for the Day, it's actually the dresses I bought from a year-round bazaar this week (I've mentioned this previously). I have already taken pictures and I'm very happy to show you. These dresses speaks summer and it's so much fun! (sorry for the crappy pics... I have no energy to take decent ones)

I really love floral dresses! Can't get enough of them :P

Cute polka dot halter dress (the color is lime green and orange... very summery!)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When one day is not enough...

This is exactly what I feel today... I have a lot of things to do in the office but I can't seem to finish everything! I'm so tired that I just gave up and went home :P I'll just come to work earlier tomorrow so that I can continue the tasks :( I don't know but I'm really more excited going home and browsing (and doing this blog) than actually working at the office :D I guess it's really time for me to do something else other than sitting in my own office corner....

Anyway, here's my outfit for the day :D

Dress: bought online, studded shoes & necklace: bought from bazaar, bracelet: SM Department Store

Up close pic of the necklace (which by the way is my Item of the Day) and printed dress

One of the bazaar bought shoes I have that lasted long :D love the studs and the faux animal skin...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Mute

Bright colors is the current trend, but I decided to go against the grain for my outfit today. I was just way too lazy to iron clothes... I slept late because I was watching another Korean Drama (49 Days) so I only have a few hours of sleep :( I searched high and low for items in my closet that didn't need any ironing :P Good thing, when I found the top and skirt, they somehow matched (they're meant to be together :P). The colors are muted green & pink :)

Also, to boost my spirit today, I visited the year-round bazaar located near our office (temptation is always near...) and I was able to bought 2 dresses for only P150($3) each! They don't look cheap at all (to me anyway). I'll post it here as soon as I'm able to take pictures of the items.

So here's my outfit for today. By the way, the Item for the Day is the accessory I wore today. I made it myself a few months back. The color is monochromatic (shades of brown) which I think matches with a lot of different items in my closet.

Top: thrifted, skirt: Korean brand skirt bought at a bazaar, shoes: Shubizz, bangles: weaved; bought at a bazaar, necklace: I made it :)

Here's an up close pic of the necklace... it's casual looking but I love the handmade feel to it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrifted Delight

I was busy the past few months that I wasn't able to thrift shop. Finally, I was able to do so 2 weeks ago (I know late post again :p). Anyway, the items were a 'bit more expensive' than what I usually pay for because they were "New Arrivals" (technically though, it's still inexpensive). I can't help but buy printed items but there is one(the blazer) which has no print but the punchy color is so in right now!

I love the print and the pleats at the bottom of this skirt :)

Print overload! two different kinds of floral print + polka dots :D This is a tunic top/short dress... It's sheer too which is great for a tropical country.

Another tunic top/short dress. For a change, it's a star print... I also adore the gathered pleats in the middle... hides multitude of sins :P This is also sheer...

I rarely have a yellow outfit, so imagine my delight when I found this blazer! Amazing color :) ... and probably good to match with my cobalt blue skirt (hmmm... color blocking perhaps?)

I just love the embroidered details and the dark orange color...

Another print-on-print purchase (floral + bohemian prints). Of all the latest finds, this is the one I have already used so far.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal Instinct

I'm trying to catch up with my posts... and because of the SD card issue I experienced recently, the pictures I upload are not exactly taken real time. Here's another archive picture (although this was just taken last Thursday). This is my work outfit. It's not exactly a basic outfit (because of the print) but the cut and style is simple enough for me to wear at work. To boost some color, I added a cobalt blue cardigan (the weather is really unpredictable... there are days when it's quite cool).

Back to the animal print... it kinda reminds me of being an animal, not because I look like one (LOL), but because animals (especially those that live in the wild) have to fight to survive their environment. This is what I currently experience in the office (I hope I don't have an officemate who reads this). There are some people there that try to pull you down and back stab you. Some have attitudes that you don't understand, it drives you crazy! I used to cry a lot because of these situations but I realize that they are a waste of time and energy :D I'm trying to be stronger and just ignore them... (ok, this post is getting serious....)

Anyway, here's the pic of my office attire last Thursday :)

Dress: bought from bazaar, cardigan: thrifted, heels: SM Dept Store

P.S. I just realized that next to florals, animal prints is trailing behind as my print of choice! Just sayin'...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Miracle!

Thank God my friend suggested I go to a photo studio to have my SD card repaired... as much as I was lazy going out at that time, I went ahead and go anyway. Lo and behold, they were able to recover my files! At least one of my dilemmas has been resolved :D

So here's a quick post of archive pics of my casual outfits. I think it's better late than never :p Not exactly sure how to dress casually 'coz there are more days that I wear work clothes but here you go :)

This was my casual work outfit last Friday. Top: Surplus Shop, Vest: given by sister-in-law, black jeans, shoes: Shoebox

Love zebra prints! :D

I'm not really sure when this was taken but I'm pretty sure this was a recent pic :P Apologies for my look here, I wasn't exactly feeling well when this shot was taken... Bohemian top: thrifted, blue jeans, shoes: bought from bazaar

Weekend Blues

I'm usually happy once weekends kicks in but today it's a bit different... let me count the ways why this is not turning out to be my day:

1. My SD card got corrupted! I can't access the pics that I was supposed to upload on Chictopia and the pics for my online store ggggrrrr! I mean seriously??? After my laptop, here comes another technical problem?!?1? I smell sabotage :P I hope I can still recover the pics though huhuhu

2. The newest Forever 21 store here is now open (which is just one short ride away from my house) but I don't have money (I know, so sad!) :( So I'm now stuck in my house so that I won't end up disappointed...

3. My cough is killin' me! I had this for over a week already... I feel like my lung's going to explode :p

So there you go... not exactly the best of days :( But enough of the ranting :D Since I'm on house arrest, the next best thing to do is to create more accessories or watch more Korean Dramas :P It's not shopping, but I guess that's good enough for now... until I'm attacked by the "Shopping Withdrawal Syndrome" :D

So, for my Items of the Day... these pics are the some of the accessories I made a month ago that I was unable to post. Fortunately I saved it on my computer before the SD card disaster. I'll also be posting these pics on my still on-going online store...

So until the next post... hopefully by that time, I already recovered the pics :D