Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Miracle!

Thank God my friend suggested I go to a photo studio to have my SD card repaired... as much as I was lazy going out at that time, I went ahead and go anyway. Lo and behold, they were able to recover my files! At least one of my dilemmas has been resolved :D

So here's a quick post of archive pics of my casual outfits. I think it's better late than never :p Not exactly sure how to dress casually 'coz there are more days that I wear work clothes but here you go :)

This was my casual work outfit last Friday. Top: Surplus Shop, Vest: given by sister-in-law, black jeans, shoes: Shoebox

Love zebra prints! :D

I'm not really sure when this was taken but I'm pretty sure this was a recent pic :P Apologies for my look here, I wasn't exactly feeling well when this shot was taken... Bohemian top: thrifted, blue jeans, shoes: bought from bazaar

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