Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome Back!

Yoohoo for long weekends! :D I just came back from Baguio (where I'm from) to see my family and friends again... and also, to escape the Manila heat (Baguio has a cooler temperature than most areas here in the Philippines). But more than just seeing my family and escaping the heat, I also went home to check out the ukay-ukay (thrift) shops :D (Baguio is well known for it's thrift shops, it's becoming a tourist attraction!)

This is just a quick post again as I'm busy with work... it's the standard formula --- longer weekends = more work waiting for you :(

I'll be posting my Baguio pics and thrift finds as soon as I can... gosh, it's work, work, work for me.



  1. you're back! :)

    the heat is just unbearable.

  2. yup I'm back and I agree, it's ssssuuuupppppeeeeerrrrr hot! :D