Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Mute

Bright colors is the current trend, but I decided to go against the grain for my outfit today. I was just way too lazy to iron clothes... I slept late because I was watching another Korean Drama (49 Days) so I only have a few hours of sleep :( I searched high and low for items in my closet that didn't need any ironing :P Good thing, when I found the top and skirt, they somehow matched (they're meant to be together :P). The colors are muted green & pink :)

Also, to boost my spirit today, I visited the year-round bazaar located near our office (temptation is always near...) and I was able to bought 2 dresses for only P150($3) each! They don't look cheap at all (to me anyway). I'll post it here as soon as I'm able to take pictures of the items.

So here's my outfit for today. By the way, the Item for the Day is the accessory I wore today. I made it myself a few months back. The color is monochromatic (shades of brown) which I think matches with a lot of different items in my closet.

Top: thrifted, skirt: Korean brand skirt bought at a bazaar, shoes: Shubizz, bangles: weaved; bought at a bazaar, necklace: I made it :)

Here's an up close pic of the necklace... it's casual looking but I love the handmade feel to it.

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