Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy Thursday

Just when I thought that the last 3 work days were hectic, Thursday seems to top it all! I wasn't able to do anything properly because I'm doing something left and right :( I don't know if what is need is time management or another officemate to help me :P Oh well, I've been blabbing all about work this week...only goes to shows that work is occupying my life! Good thing that tomorrow's Friday... TGIF indeed! :D Just hope that it will get better.

For my Items for the Day, it's actually the dresses I bought from a year-round bazaar this week (I've mentioned this previously). I have already taken pictures and I'm very happy to show you. These dresses speaks summer and it's so much fun! (sorry for the crappy pics... I have no energy to take decent ones)

I really love floral dresses! Can't get enough of them :P

Cute polka dot halter dress (the color is lime green and orange... very summery!)


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  1. these dresses are really lovely! i'm into skirts lately but would really love to buy dresses like these for the tropical summer.

    natawa naman ako sa comment about ng outfit at crush. haha! we're in the same circle now and he still doesn't know. :D