Monday, April 18, 2011

Next time I'll come prepared

I just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I was told beforehand that it's cold there but I never expected for it to be THAT cold! My initial plan was to wear dresses and leggings for the entire vacation but I brought tops and jeans as back up... I ended up wearing the back up outfits instead! When I looked back at the pictures, my Hong Kong outfit is similar to what I wore last Friday :p The only difference is the top, jacket & scarf. Speaking of scarf, I had no intention of bringing it initially but an inner voice told me to just bring it anyway.... and thank God I did :D It's a lifesaver! ... and talk about the jacket... I brought 2 but the other one was not thick enough to protect me from the weather, I wasn't able to use it :(

When I travel outside the Philippines, the weather on those destination countries is usually hot & humid (we plan it so that it's summer on those countries). This is actually the first time that we had planned to go that is not hot at all :)... but still I wasn't prepared :P

It's all over now and I cannot do anything about it. The important thing is that we had a lot of fun :D Here are some of the pictures of my recent travel:

Ngong Ping cable car ride. Inside the Crystal Cabin , going to the large bronze

Don't choose the Crystal Cabin if you're afraid of heights :P

Yes, it's that high :D

Ngong Ping village. I love the arch :)

Hong Kong Disneyland!

Wish I could be Cinderella for a day :P

Adventureland inside Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Outfit - jacket: SM Surplus, scarf: gift from friend, top (with black studs details): ForMe, black pants

Senado Square, Macau. A prime tourist spot.

My initial Macau outfit (the only time I was able to remove my jacket :P). Behind the St. Paul ruins (it was around lunchtime so it was relatively 'hot'). Striped bolero: Landmark, scarf: gift from friend, white top: 168

Together with my sister at Kum Iam statue. Scarf, jacket, pants - same as HK outfit, floral top: Landmark, wraparound weave belt: SM Dept Store, sandals - SoFab

It was really cold and windy that I can't smile properly! :D

Inside the Venetian Hotel

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  1. great photos from your travel abroad. never been to hk but i feel the need to wander lately.

    good thing you brought back up clothes. life doesn't always go as planned but thank goodness for plan b. :)