Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is definitely not the kinky type... :P All I wanna say is that I'm just doing a quick post... as you can see, my last post was in February... what a shame! Seriously, just when I got the momentum to do blogging and creating accessories again, my work and my laptop is just giving me the hard time :( My work because I usually got tired and my laptop because something went wrong that I was unable to use it... grrrr! Add to that my obsession with K-Dramas... that I did a Koreanovela marathon (particularly My Princess, which I found out is already airing! Gosh, they acquired the rights to air it here in the Philippines that fast!) ... I can't help it, it's like a drug to me... it's an addiction! I can't stop! :D

Well, I did a little something to this site... I added a Chictopia badge... and yes folks, I'm finally exposing myself :D Don't laugh at me ok (or just laugh privately but don't tell me you don't like me & my pics :p).

I'm also finally (FINALLY) taking pictures of the rest of the accessories I made because I'm slowly (take note of the word) creating a multiply site. I now have the courage (a bit) to sell some of the accessories online. Hope you'll like the accessories and buy some :) I need the money! Please help the me!!! :P

That's it for now... no item for the day from me... (I seriously hope I can update this site as much as I can...).


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