Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been busy these past few weeks that my blog hasn't been updated. This is just a short list of the things I've done since my last post:

1. Had my haircut! (yes, I have finally fulfilled my pixie cut wish... although, I have to be more feminine so that I won't look like a guy :p)
2. Work, as always....
3. Booked for a trip to Laoag this June (Bangui Windmills & Pagupud, here I come!)
4. Work, as always...
5. Finally started creating accessories again (yehey!)
6. Work, as always...
7. Escaped to Coron, Palawan for a 5-day fun & adventure :D

Speaking of escape, if time & money would allow me, I would like to travel the whole world (or at least, the whole Philippines). Here are the places that are on my 'I wish I was here' list (no particular order):

1. Batanes, Philippines - rugged, rustic, simple living, amazing scenery
2. New Zealand - no surprise that The Lord of the Rings was shot here. Untouched and rugged landscape. A classic example of what nature can offer :)
3. South Korea - I'm a great fan of K-Pop. I also love Korean Dramas & Rom-Coms which prominently features a lot of tourist spots and ancestral places. I would definitely want to go there!
4. El Nido, Palawan - now that I've seen Coron, I would definitely want to see what El Nido has to offer :)
5. Paris, France - classic architecture, city of love, Eiffel Tower!
6. countrysides of UK - Pride & Prejudice... enough said :D
7. Great Barrier Reef, Australia - what nature has to offer under the sea
8. Camiguin, Philippines - another beach destination I want to go to someday
10. Carribean - I want to tour all the islands :D
11. Greece - Ancient Greek ruins, classic Greek mythology, Santorini
12. Italy - Venice, Rome, Milan... romance, ancient Roman history, and fashion... what more can you ask for :)
13. greater part of Europe - amazing classic architectures & lovely countryside scenery (Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Spain, & Portugal)

I may not be able to afford going to all these places I've mentioned but a girl has to dream, right :)

Now, for my item of the day... 

make that, place of the day. Since I don't exactly have an item to show and I've been blabbering about traveling anyway, I will just post some pics of my recent trip to Coron, Palawan. Enjoy the pics! Hope this will inspire you to travel as well :)

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