Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have this moments wherein if I start buying one item, I'll buy similar items continuously for the rest of that month. Case in point - Around late April, I bought two pairs of sandals - one from SM (here) and the other from Tomato (here). This month, I have 2 new pairs of shoes, this time for the office. If I don't have self control, I would have bought more (which will also empty my wallet :P).

Block heel shoes: bought online
 The shoes above is an online find --- specifically from a Facebook online buyer. It was pre-ordered from Korea. I have block heels in brown but I've been looking for a black one for the longest time. I know that block heels are no longer in style, but I really don't care 'coz  it's a type of heels that can support my (rather) fat legs :D I have a higher change of not tripping or experiencing sprains again :) It's comfy too. The bow is just a nice feminine touch and the material is not the usual leather - its actually corduroy.

Wedges: Juan by Janylin
 The wedge heels is my latest purchase. It was bought at Glorietta 5. Initially, I didn't have any intentions of going to Glorietta 5 'coz it's out of the way. However, I needed to buy something at a shop located there and I happen to see a Sale sign at Janylin :D I guess it's fate that lead me to buy this :P I was hesitant in the beginning to buy the shoes but thinking that I rarely go to Glorietta 5 and that it was on sale, I walked out of the store carrying a plastic bag with a box of new shoes :) Wedge heels are also comfy, and again, can support my legs without wobbling.

The two items are both in black and their styles are simple. I usually don't like 'simple' styles when it comes to shoes, but given that I usually buy more printed outfits, I needed simpler shoes to go with it. In the end, I'm very happy with my purchases... but now, if I can just bury my wallet and credit card somewhere.....


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fever Pitch

It's been a while since my last post. Due to (emotional) stress at work & ever changing weather, I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Worst yet, I got sick :( So yes, these are the reasons that I wasn't able to update as much as I want to. I didn't even got to upload pics at Chictopia as well. I have 3 outfit pics that were not uploaded before I got sick so I'm just going to post it all at once (hehe time saver :p)

I'm feeling much better now (physically & emotionally). I just hope that nothing/no one will ruin my week again. Ok... happy thoughts where are you? :D

Here are the pics:

Polka dot dress: thirfted, belt & lace up booties: Landmark, lace bangle: bazaar
My outfit last May 12. I'm so happy with this dress because I bought it in perfect condition for only P35 at a thrift shop in Baguio :D It has a retro vibe and it can be accessorized in a lot of ways (I was planning to wear it with a red belt that I haven't used in a long time... sadly, because I gained to much weight, the belt no longer fits me!). To give my usual favorite heels some rest, I resurrected my lace up booties (looking back at this pic, it made my legs shorter. Too late for that now).

Top: bought from Australia, polka dot & stripes skirt: SM surplus, floral flats: bazaar, wire bangle: Landmark, earrings: Forever 21

This was my outfit last Monday, May 16. Now I remember the reason why I haven't used the lace up booties in a long time... it's way to high and uncomfortable that I sprained my ankles yet again wearing it :( So this time, I wear flats... the color of the flats matches all the colors in the skirt (serendipity I guess). I made my look simple because I remember that it was a very hot day! I got sick that night (and its probably because of the hot weather outside + sub zero temp inside the office) and was on sick leave the following day.

Floral & polka dots top: thrifted, belt: Landmark, bag & sandals & jeans: SM Department store, ring: Forever 21

This outfit was taken May 20. I love this (yet another) thrifted find because of its pattern. A combination of two different floral prints PLUS polka dots :P Print overload (in a good way... to me). I paired it with simple accessories. This is also the first time that I wore the sandals that I bought at the SM Mega Sale.

Hmm... funny that when I was putting captions, I only realize now that I was wearing florals &/or polka dots continuously for the last two weeks :D

So this is it for now. I really hope I can get my energy again to post blogs on a regular basis :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black & Blue

Ok this is not exactly a very creative title.... I'm quite in a hurry really because I feel like today is going to be a very day in the office (more than the usual work we already have) so I'm just making a quick post today. I know I said last time that I won't be wearing a black dress this summer (and it started to feel reaaalllyyy hot again today, sad to say) but this is one of those dresses that is such a no brainer and is wrinkle proof that I just have to wear this. It's technically not a pure black outfit anyway.... :p

So here's today's work outfit. I forgot to mention yesterday that I bought an earring & 2 rings at Forever 21 (I simply can't resist!). I already wore one of the rings yesterday and today I'm wearing the other one :) It's much bigger but it's still cute & quirky.

Dress with peter pan collar: thrifted, wraparound belt: SM Dept Store, studded heels: bazaar, ring: Forever 21

Upclose pic of the ring... it's a bug (I think) :P

One of my favorite shoes... I have quite a number of shoes but it seems that only wearing 3-4 pairs :P

Summer Rain

It's really a very erratic week (weather-wise). It's suppose to be summer here in the Philippines but the past 2 days brought non-stop rain. Although I love the drop in the temperature because of the rain, it also brought flood at other areas (I pray for those families affected by the flood). Well, it really is hard to predict the weather this days... climate change much?

It was a bit cloudy today and the weather is gray, so to cheer myself up, I had something garden-y & summer-y. There is so much flower stuff going on that you can literally plant me in a garden :P

Anyway, here's my work outfit today:

floral lace blouse: SM Dept Store, belt: Landmark, floral skirt: thrifted, shoes: Shubizz, earrings: bazaar, ring: Forever 21

Upclose pic of earrings & ring
I just hope the weather will just stay cool as it is right now... I really prefer it than having a very hot sun burning you :P But I really can't dictate the weather, can I? :)

Anyway, whatever the weather is, stay safe everyone!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Better Late than Never

Hi again! Hope you're having a great day today :) I am having a fantastic day so far 'coz it's raining ... a break from the very hot weather we had this past few weeks! It's also nice to sleep when you can hear the raindrops outside :) If I do go out later, I won't be sweating too much (which adds to the icky feeling).

Speaking of going out, I'll have to help the sister of my friend in her bazaar booth. After all, some of those she's selling are my accessories :D At this point in my life, I should already be aiming for a managerial position in my job or that I have decided to go to another country to seek greener pastures but instead, here I am just starting my passion for creating accessories and thinking about selling them. I have to say I'm a late bloomer when it comes to knowing what I really want. I think I really suffered a quarterlife crisis a few years ago (now you'll have a clue on how old I really am :p) But the good thing that came out of it was that I have realized that being on top of the corporate ladder and having a high paying job will not make me happy. So now, I'm thinking of resigning when the time is right (if I already have enough funds to fuel my business) and start doing what I really want.

Ok this is getting long :D ...

Anyway, since I'm already talking about being late, I might as well post my outfit last Thursday :) We were busy at the office that I totally forgot to post this:

Dress: Thrifted, shoesz: bought at a bazaar

Upclose pic of the shoes
My outfit has a romantic, vintage vibe to it.  But most importantly, I didn't have to iron the dress! (which is a plus when you're in a hurry hehe)

So this is the end for now...


Happy Mother's Day!

Just want to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the moms out there :) You're the best!

I don't have a solo picture of my mom (because she's camera shy :P). So here's my mom together with the rest of the family:

Taken at Sydney Opera House... this was the day before my sister's wedding. Do I look like my mom (second to the left)? :D

Ho Chi Minh Post Office. My mom's all red! (her outfit that is)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running (Wo)man

Just a quick post for today. I still have to decide the prices on the accessories that I'll be selling this Saturday... well, technically it wouldn't be me who's selling but a sister of my friend. She graciously allowed my accessories to be included in their merchandise.

Ok, back to the real story. The title involves me dashing like an Olympic runner when I was about to go home. Normally, there isn't too many people waiting in line at the taxi stand near our building. However, this week is quite different.  For some unknown reason, the people lining up starting Monday tripled so the usual 10 minute wait for a taxi became 30-40 minutes.

So today, thinking that I have something to do at home, I packed my things and went downstairs immediately. I saw from a distance that the line is not yet long so I chit chat with my officemate at the building lobby. However, as soon as I turned my head, a (huge) group of people were walking fast towards the line! So I instinctly dashed off and run towards it! I swear, I think I left my dignity & poise at the building lobby! :P I didn't even say a proper goodbye to my officemate hehe (I hope she's not mad). My 4 other officemates who are already in the line laughed at me. They said that when they saw me running, some of those who behind me also ran :D Well, I beat them to the finish line (as if there's really a race going on!)

Just a funny (to me anyway) story for today. Here's my outfit for today (not exactly ideal for running):

Brown & blue paisley print top, bangle: Landmark, Pencil cut skirt: SM Department Store, shoes: Shubizz

Upclose pic of the top

Upclose pic of the wire bangle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Heat is On

I really feel like I'm being baked in an oven with our weather... and to think that this is just the start of it! Can't imagine how hot it can still get...

As much as want to wear black for it's versatility (not to mention, it hides my bulges :P), it's not exactly a practical color to wear during summer. So imagine me digging through my wardrobe to look for the thinnest, lightest, and most summery clothes that I can wear :)

You'll probably be seeing with me with light-colored clothes for the next two months...
Here's my work outfit for the day:

two toned dress: thrifted, necklace: made by me, shoes:SM Dept Store. The materials is so light and the colors are ideal for summer :)

Upclose pic of the shoes. This is my favorite since it's comfy and can match a lot of my outfits.

One of the necklaces I made :D I'm planning of selling my accessories soon (I think I said it a thousand times already! :p)

So I guess it's buh-bye to black for now (well at least on dresses & tops).


Monday, May 2, 2011


It was soooo hot last Sunday that I can't stand the heat inside the house! I decided to go to a mall ASAP :D  I really thought that I was safe to go to SM Makati (which is actually nearer to where I currently live) thinking that SM Megamall is the only SM branch in Manila that is on sale right now.... well, I was so wrong! I completely forgot that May 1 is Labor Day so all SM stores have a Labor Day sale :p (though the Megamall sale is still THE sale to go to).

If there's a sale, that's where you'll probably see me :p As much as I don't want to buy, sale has a way of finding me :D ... like we are meant to be together!

Anyway, the bottomline is, I ended up buying again ... but I'm so happy with what I found last Saturday. The good news is, I only both 2 items (as oppose to the Mega hoard). So here it is:

tawny bag with stitching and gold buckles. Bag: BellaDonna

Multicolored beaded sandals. This was actually bought at Tomato Glorietta (they are also on sale) 
 I love the bag so much that I immediately used it the following day to work. Here's my Monday work outfit (together with the newly acquired bag):

Chiffon dress: thrifted, Shoes: Shubizz, bag: SM Dept Store

upclose pic of the dainty floral prints
It wasn't really my intention but my look ended up to be retro looking (which I love). It's like a secretary style of sorts... I think :P

Until my next post! XOXO