Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running (Wo)man

Just a quick post for today. I still have to decide the prices on the accessories that I'll be selling this Saturday... well, technically it wouldn't be me who's selling but a sister of my friend. She graciously allowed my accessories to be included in their merchandise.

Ok, back to the real story. The title involves me dashing like an Olympic runner when I was about to go home. Normally, there isn't too many people waiting in line at the taxi stand near our building. However, this week is quite different.  For some unknown reason, the people lining up starting Monday tripled so the usual 10 minute wait for a taxi became 30-40 minutes.

So today, thinking that I have something to do at home, I packed my things and went downstairs immediately. I saw from a distance that the line is not yet long so I chit chat with my officemate at the building lobby. However, as soon as I turned my head, a (huge) group of people were walking fast towards the line! So I instinctly dashed off and run towards it! I swear, I think I left my dignity & poise at the building lobby! :P I didn't even say a proper goodbye to my officemate hehe (I hope she's not mad). My 4 other officemates who are already in the line laughed at me. They said that when they saw me running, some of those who behind me also ran :D Well, I beat them to the finish line (as if there's really a race going on!)

Just a funny (to me anyway) story for today. Here's my outfit for today (not exactly ideal for running):

Brown & blue paisley print top, bangle: Landmark, Pencil cut skirt: SM Department Store, shoes: Shubizz

Upclose pic of the top

Upclose pic of the wire bangle


  1. WHAT A NICE BANGLE AND HELLLLOOO :) check out my recent post i am doing a give away... you can take part if u want its for a brand new top shop chain.....

    ... xoxo


  2. love the bangle and i do that sometimes when waiting for a cab and someone's thinking the same way as i. haha!

  3. @EUQINOM-SEVEN: thanks :)... and I'm definitely checking out your give away :D

    @thechyrelgomez: haha I guess we really all think the same thing, it's now just a matter of who will actually arrive at the line first! :D