Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have this moments wherein if I start buying one item, I'll buy similar items continuously for the rest of that month. Case in point - Around late April, I bought two pairs of sandals - one from SM (here) and the other from Tomato (here). This month, I have 2 new pairs of shoes, this time for the office. If I don't have self control, I would have bought more (which will also empty my wallet :P).

Block heel shoes: bought online
 The shoes above is an online find --- specifically from a Facebook online buyer. It was pre-ordered from Korea. I have block heels in brown but I've been looking for a black one for the longest time. I know that block heels are no longer in style, but I really don't care 'coz  it's a type of heels that can support my (rather) fat legs :D I have a higher change of not tripping or experiencing sprains again :) It's comfy too. The bow is just a nice feminine touch and the material is not the usual leather - its actually corduroy.

Wedges: Juan by Janylin
 The wedge heels is my latest purchase. It was bought at Glorietta 5. Initially, I didn't have any intentions of going to Glorietta 5 'coz it's out of the way. However, I needed to buy something at a shop located there and I happen to see a Sale sign at Janylin :D I guess it's fate that lead me to buy this :P I was hesitant in the beginning to buy the shoes but thinking that I rarely go to Glorietta 5 and that it was on sale, I walked out of the store carrying a plastic bag with a box of new shoes :) Wedge heels are also comfy, and again, can support my legs without wobbling.

The two items are both in black and their styles are simple. I usually don't like 'simple' styles when it comes to shoes, but given that I usually buy more printed outfits, I needed simpler shoes to go with it. In the end, I'm very happy with my purchases... but now, if I can just bury my wallet and credit card somewhere.....


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