Monday, June 27, 2011

Style Inspiration: K-Drama + Fashion

Gahhhh! Here I am again after NOT posting in a loooonnnnggggg time... what exactly am I doing that keeps me from blogging?... its watching Korean Dramas (or what we call here as Koreanovela)! Damn, these K-Dramas, they are so addicting :P In fact, it's soooo addicting that it's ruining my social life as well --- I haven't gone out to a mall in quite a while because I was doing K-Drama marathon. I even got sick because I wasn't sleeping anymore - I just can't shut down my laptop and sleep! I am that impatient not to see the next episode :P

But what exactly is the connection between Korean Dramas & fashion? A LOT! The best way to see their fashion sense is through K-Dramas. Sometimes, I may not like the story at all but I watch them solely for the fashion & OTPs (one true pair --- if the lead actor & actress have chemistry). I am that obsessed addicted :D

I think Korean fashion is extraordinary. They don't follow trends... they create them! It may really seem weird to some, even to me (especially Korean Men's fashion), but I truly admire them for being unique and original and fearless.

Here are some of the K-Dramas that I admire (fashion-wise). I haven't seen all of them but I guess that's the reason why I'm not blogging as much these days... I have a looonnnggg list of K-Dramas yet to watch!

You're Beautiful 

I have seen this and it's so down right funny! This is were the men's fashion is really weird but I guess, since they are members of a band, they can get away with it :)
Fashion 70s
 This is quite an old K-Drama and I haven't seen this yet but from the title itself, it really made me curious :P

Marry Me, Mary!
 I have seen portions of this K-Drama... not liking the story but the interactions of the lead actor and actress (the ones sitted) is very interesting... and of course the fashion! Check out the leather "leggings" the second lead actor is wearing! LOL

Boys Over Flowers
 The story was great during the first half of the series but it went downhill from there... still, I just love how the 4 boys displayed their power and riches (all of them belong to a very rich family). Their look is preppy-ish... with a twist :D

My Girl
 One of the older K-Dramas I've seen. The fashion here is not that "revolutionary" but it was sure fun to watch! Great story too :)

Prosecutor Princess

I haven't seen this yet but this is definitely on top of my list. The premise is that a young woman is so intelligent & witty that she got hired as a prosecutor. However, she's more interested in fashion than actually working in a prosecutor's office :D Well from the looks of the poster alone, it sure looks like she's in the wrong office :P Look at those shoes!

City Hunter
 This is the drama I'm currently watching (it's still airing in South Korea). Very fast-paced, engaging series! I love it so far. Look at the colored pants the lead actor is wearing... I say, very brave of him :P I love the lead actress' outfit (the one in the middle)... simple but fierce.

I'm sure there are a lot of K-Dramas out there that I haven't watched yet. Give it a try... I'm pretty sure you'll get addicted too. If not for the story then just admire their quirky & fun fashion :)

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