Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Beginning

This is supposed to be the first year anniversary month of my blog. However, I don't feel it deserves to be celebrated --- I haven't posted anything in a long time :( I lacked the discipline and will power to sustain this blog. I also lost the purpose why I blog. In fact, I even forgot my password prior to opening Blogger.

Of course, I have no one else to blame by myself. At times I'm too lazy to even open my blog. Adding to this, my dissatisfaction at my day job is just sucking my energy.

However, yesterday, I realized that I want to have my creative outlet back so that there's something useful  to do with my time and also have a diversion from the other things happening in my life. I now remember the reason why I open a blog in the first place. To share my passion for anything quirky & classic, to show my interest in fashion and travel, and to know other bloggers to interact with.

So with this, help me celebrate the first day of my return to blogging instead :D My posts may not be as much but I hope I can get more feedback and suggestions from everyone. Hoping to reconnect with my blog friends and meet more bloggers as well :)

P.S. Apologies if this post is too melodramatic... I just want to let it all out :)

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  1. Welcome back and don't worry, I get that feeling every now and then. I now blog when I want to but not when I need to. It's just suppose to be a hobby and it eventually stressed me out when I fail to blog or visit other people's blogs. Just take it slowly. :)

  2. thanks! :D it feels good to be back... and back for the right reasons. have a good day!