Friday, November 25, 2011

Daily Outfit: Lady Rock

TGIF! woot!woot! This is exactly what I feel every time the calendar hits on a Friday :D Anyway, hope you had a great day today. Mine is work as always but it's ok --- it's much more bearable than Monday to Thursday hahaha.

Here's my outfit for today... a combination of hard and soft, feminine and masculine...

Lace top: Cinderella, Black Jeans: Freego: Brogue wedge: Mario D' Boro, necklace: Landmark, watch: gift

upclose pic of top & necklace

upclose pic of wedges
Tomorrow, we'll be going to Manila Ocean Park. This will be the second time that I'll be going there. There are a lot more attractions now than when we first went there. I'm looking forward to a weekend outing! :) I'll be posting pics from my visit there for sure.



  1. I love Fridays!!! Lovely shoes and top as well. :D

  2. sana everyday is a Friday :D thanks for the comment by the way :)