Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manila Ocean Park Adventure

I had a great time seeing a lot of marine creatures at Manila Ocean Park  :) There are surely a lot of things to do this time around. When I first came there a few years ago, it only has the Oceanarium. Now, it also has the Jellies Exhibit, Marine Life Show, Marine Life Habitat, Antartica Exhibit, Penguin Exhibit, and the highlight of the evening - The Musical Fountain Show. There's also the Fish Spa & the Glass Bottom Boat Ride but due to time constraint, we weren't able to go to.

So, here are some pics on that day (NOTE: this is a photo-heavy post):

@ North Park Chinese resto inside the Ocean Park...hmmm I'm kinda sleepy :P see the people at the background??? 
There was a school excursion that day... so a huge number of people were there - elementary students plus their parents/guardians! Talk about chaotic :P The first thing we did after eating at North Park is to head out and watch the Marine Life Show.
Marine Life Show - sea lions at play

It's probably hard to be an animal trainer... not only will you train but also learn how to dance :P
Since there's an excursion and all of them headed to the Oceanarium, we decided to go to the Jellies Exhibit first...

The light changes every 5 seconds... talk about jellies 'wearing' fasyon jewel colors :D

Another change in the color

Spooky and amazing at the same time...


love the color on you, jellies :D

hot pink! :p

While waiting for the Musical Fountain Show, we were craving for some frozen yogurt...

O my yogurt... vanilla flavor with cookie crumble, cornflakes, M&Ms, and caramel syrup. Yummy!

Christmas Penguin display at the main area

Loving the color of the Christmas Tree displayed at the main area
 For me, the Musical Fountain Show is where I enjoy the most. It's really a great idea to come here and witness this. Hope the pictures did it some justice :P

Project Fishy :D

multicolored lights and water show

great timing of the fountain and the projected image at the background

simply amazing :)

it's already late in the evening but there are still a lot of people...
 After the fountain show, we were finally able to go to the Oceanarium. This is the first thing you'll see when you enter...
what's up with the purple theme today? :p


love the shot of light and shadow

Getting tired... need to sit first.


Trivia about penguins at the Penguin Exhibit
At the end of the day, I was really exhausted but I also had lots of fun! There's some on-going construction happening outside the Ocean Park... I'm wondering what attractions they're adding... oh well, at least I have an excuse to visit again next time.



  1. i was there two years ago and wala pang jellyfish exhibit. i love the bright neon lights and yey for yogurt!

  2. you should go back :) marami na ring attraction and from the on-going construction outside, mas madadagdagan pa...