Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Outfit: Rasberry Iced Tea

I had a printed shirtdress for work yesterday. Today, I decided to go print-less (and again, because of the hot weather, I needed something light) so I chose this dress. This is also one of my dresses that got buried... and was resurrected from the dead :P

Dress: ForMe, blazer: SM, heels: bought online
I went for a blazer today instead of the usual cardigan... just to make things a little different :)

upclose detail of the lace panel
 The shoes were bought online - from a seller in Facebook. I forgot which seller it was (sorry!). Anyway, the reason I bought this is that it's not to high and at the same time, it has chunky heels... gives great support to my chubby legs :)

the heel is actually wood... and it chunky! yehey!
 Tomorrow is a Philippine holiday which means it's a double pay for me! :) I also get to wear casual clothes... let's just hope I remember that's it a holiday. The last Philippine holiday we had, I totally forgot... so I went into the office wearing business attire... the only one in the office :P