Saturday, December 31, 2011

Daily Outfit: Goodbye 2011!

Hi again! It's been a while since I posted anything. I got caught up with all the festivities and last minute things-to-do that I completely didn't open my blog. The saying "better late than never" always work, right? :) In time for New Year, I also have a new haircut :) Nothing much really... it's an updated bob cut with the back shorter than the front and shorter bangs. Anyway, here's what I wore on the last day of 2011:
top: given by sister, denim shorts: Jag, red flats: Parisian @ SM Dept Store, printed bag: thrifted

The flats I bought during the Christmas Sale. I love that it's sheer that I can see my toes :)  

This is currently my favorite 'ukay' bag :D My favorite bags are usually the thrifted ones hehehe

Now these are all things I ate that day (yikes! hahaha):
Fish gratinee with parmesan sauce (@Banapple Ayala Triangle) for brunch

Coffee Toffee Roca Pie... love it!
The simple New Year's feast with my friends... notice the 2 round fruits and the round baked potato halves :D
 I spent my New Year in Manila with my friends who weren't able to go home to their provinces. As for me, I already spent my Christmas with my family back in Baguio City. Unfortunately, my leave credits weren't enough for me to extend my vacation up until the New Year... (which brings me to the thought that I didn't post a Christmas blog! again... better late than never :P)

Hope your New Year festivities were fun and safe :) I didn't post any fireworks pictures because I didn't take any :D My friends & I were all afraid to go out thinking that there are "paputok" everywhere. I guess the New Year campaign of the Department of Health where they show graphic pics of missing fingers and bloody hands are effective! (for us, at least)

Here's to 2012 guys! Looking forward to another 365 days of fashion, great food & travels and good company!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping Part 1

I have to confess... I spent a lot this Christmas season (and still continuing to spend)... maybe it's the "Sale" sickness kicking in :D This is just a quick post of what I bought during the last 2 weeks (I'll post the others next time; I forgot to take pictures of them):

I bought several necklaces. Even if I create and sell accessories as well, there are times that I just fall in love with other accessories that I just have to buy them :D

bought at Cinderella; necklace

necklaces: Landmark

close up details --- globe balloon (with bear inside the basket), red lobster, and peacock  

I also bought 2 sheer tops with feminine details. Both are in muted colors... which is unusual for me since I'm a fan of very colorful tops :)

Blouse: Calypso @ SM Department Store

different shades of gray with embroidery and beads
Blouse: Calypso @ SM Department Store

sheer lace details up close
 Finally, I chanced upon a flats with sheer details (what's up with the sheer thingys :p). I really love this... my new favorite flats :D
Shoes: Parisian @ SM Department Store

up close details --- red color, ribbon and sheer floral details
So this is Part 1 of what I bought this Christmas season :D I'll try to post the other stuff I bought when I can. I'm currently busy packing since I'll be going home to my province (well, home city is more like it), Baguio City, for a well-deserved R&R and of course, to spend time with my family and old friends :)

In case I forgot to post during the holidays, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a fun and safe holiday :)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Style Inspiration: New Girl

I always love Zooey Deschanel. I already mentioned her before as one of my style inspirations. Now, she has a new show - New Girl. Just like her real-life style, her character's (Jess) style has a quirky & fun vibe to it :) She's also girly--- and that reflects in her constant wearing of skirts, cardigans, and vintage wear. I recently found an article about Jess' style (you may read it here) and I just love every single thing she's wearing! Comfy but never compromising her style. Youthful but still sexy. Fun but not too over-the-top.

Here's more pics of Jess and her lovely style choices:

LOL she looks funny here... but great dress :D

I love the blazer+dress combination... but I usually prefer cardigans

So cute! :D
 *all photos courtesy of


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daily Outfit: Boogie Bash

Here's a quick post of my outfit and other extras of our Christmas Party held last December 10 at PICC Reception Hall.
the invitation :)

posing near the photo wall... even the floor is groovy!
 Tunic used as dress: Forever 21, Beaded sandals: Tomato, belt: Landmark, bag: gift from sister, white & gold earrings

Yum, yum,yum... food c/o Via Mare 

Bianca Valerio and Bubbles
The hosts by the projector screen

Check out the "disco ball" raffle drop "box" :D

By the mezzanine

Bianca "interviewing" the best dressed female
The contestants of the SBSC Best Dance Crew

My teammates
As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm not exactly the type of person who wears costume in a Costume Party. I'm just wearing the "essence" of it... in this this case, the theme is 70s inspired. The print of the dress and the beaded sandals are definitely 70s inspired :D

Sadly, I haven't won a single thing in the raffle (yet again! boo!). They gave away IPad, DSLRs, BB Playbook, Rudy Project watches, Plasma TVs, overnight stay at Mandarin Oriental, and other minor prizes. Well, better luck (again & again) next time.

Overall, it was a very fun night... good food, good company, good entertainment :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Daily Outfit: Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

Ok, first things first... I wasn't able to post this here in my blog last Wednesday because of the "bed weather". My bed is just inviting me to sleep early rather than open my blog. The rain has been pouring non-stop for the past few days that it was just hard to do anything :)

Anyway, here's my outfit last Wednesday. I was lazy to mix-and-match that I just grabbed the first thing I saw in my closet :P My outfit ended up to be a girly girl one --- complete with sheer details, pearls, and polka dots & stripes combo.

Sheer top: bought online, skirt: Surplus Shop, wedges: Mario D' Boro
up close details of the top
Tomorrow is our Boogie Bash Christmas Party. I will not exactly wear a "costume", just a dress that is inspired by the 70s. Well, I don't plan to claim the Best in Costume anyway so no worries for me :D I'm there to enjoy the show (which will be hosted by Bianca Valerio! yey!) and to eat of course hihihi. I'm also crossing my fingers on the prizes to be given away.... I really do hope that I win this time (I mean, I haven't won a single thing on all past parties... not even minor prizes!).

So I'm off to my beauty sleep now. I don't want to end up looking sleepy eyed on my party pics :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Outfit: Chee-dots

I should have posted this yesterday but I was so tired from work. Anyway, here was my work outfit last Monday. I did a print-on-print on my dress and heels because I love both of the prints so much; I decided to just wear them together :) Monday was such a busy day... usually, it's less hectic than the 4 other work days but it really was different this time. Good thing, I felt great about my outfit :) I already wore this dress before - albeit, with a different belt and shoes (and no cardigan), see it here.

Dress: thrifted, cardigan & belt: Landmark, heels: bazaar bought
 On another note--- our company Christmas party will be this Saturday, December 10. The theme is Boogie Nights - 60s & 70s style :D I already have an outfit... well, I just hope that will work with the theme :) I'll make sure to take photos on that night... so just stay tuned hahaha.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Outfit: LRD

A LRD (little red dress) is not something that's on top of my fashion list (LBDs still reign supreme in my closet). In fact, red is not my favorite color at all. However, there's just something about this Forever 21 dress that struck a cord. The red-ness of this dress is just right--- not too bright, not too dark. What really made me fall in love with this dress is the sleeves... it reminds me of origami... or paper cutouts... or lattice... or... the list goes on :) The arms are not exactly my best body feature so this is exactly the reason why I don't go sleeveless... with this dress, I don't need to.

dress: Forever 21, bag: given by sister, heels: bazaar bought, earrings: SM

close up pic of the sleeves and earrings

close up pic of the heels
To complete the classic look that I was going for, I paired it with my new heels that I bought at a bazaar for only 450 pesos :D I just fell in love with this pair the moment I saw it. I then used the bag that was given to me by my sister. To make the outfit more "me", I chose "bohemian" earrings in dark orange (to complement the red and brown tones).


P.S. It finally rained today!... definitely a much cooler day than yesterday :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Outfit: Rasberry Iced Tea

I had a printed shirtdress for work yesterday. Today, I decided to go print-less (and again, because of the hot weather, I needed something light) so I chose this dress. This is also one of my dresses that got buried... and was resurrected from the dead :P

Dress: ForMe, blazer: SM, heels: bought online
I went for a blazer today instead of the usual cardigan... just to make things a little different :)

upclose detail of the lace panel
 The shoes were bought online - from a seller in Facebook. I forgot which seller it was (sorry!). Anyway, the reason I bought this is that it's not to high and at the same time, it has chunky heels... gives great support to my chubby legs :)

the heel is actually wood... and it chunky! yehey!
 Tomorrow is a Philippine holiday which means it's a double pay for me! :) I also get to wear casual clothes... let's just hope I remember that's it a holiday. The last Philippine holiday we had, I totally forgot... so I went into the office wearing business attire... the only one in the office :P


Monday, November 28, 2011

Daily Outfit: Summer in November

November is suppose to be a bit chilly here in the Philippines but for some reason, it feels like it's still summer. Well anyway, I cleaned out my closet last Sunday  (yehey! after 10 million years :P) and found this dress just buried deep in abyss of clothes :D I decided to wear it today since it reminds me of summer...
dress: thrifted, belt: Landmark, bag: gift from sister, wedges: Juan @ Janylin
I was a bit lazy to transfer the things from my weekend satchel to my office bag so I worked around using it... good thing the color matches with the dress. I contrasted the soft pastel colors of the dress with black wraparound belt and black wedges.

the satchel & the wedges
I just wish that tomorrow will be a bit cooler. It is harder to move around when it's scorching hot!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manila Ocean Park Adventure

I had a great time seeing a lot of marine creatures at Manila Ocean Park  :) There are surely a lot of things to do this time around. When I first came there a few years ago, it only has the Oceanarium. Now, it also has the Jellies Exhibit, Marine Life Show, Marine Life Habitat, Antartica Exhibit, Penguin Exhibit, and the highlight of the evening - The Musical Fountain Show. There's also the Fish Spa & the Glass Bottom Boat Ride but due to time constraint, we weren't able to go to.

So, here are some pics on that day (NOTE: this is a photo-heavy post):

@ North Park Chinese resto inside the Ocean Park...hmmm I'm kinda sleepy :P see the people at the background??? 
There was a school excursion that day... so a huge number of people were there - elementary students plus their parents/guardians! Talk about chaotic :P The first thing we did after eating at North Park is to head out and watch the Marine Life Show.
Marine Life Show - sea lions at play

It's probably hard to be an animal trainer... not only will you train but also learn how to dance :P
Since there's an excursion and all of them headed to the Oceanarium, we decided to go to the Jellies Exhibit first...

The light changes every 5 seconds... talk about jellies 'wearing' fasyon jewel colors :D

Another change in the color

Spooky and amazing at the same time...


love the color on you, jellies :D

hot pink! :p

While waiting for the Musical Fountain Show, we were craving for some frozen yogurt...

O my yogurt... vanilla flavor with cookie crumble, cornflakes, M&Ms, and caramel syrup. Yummy!

Christmas Penguin display at the main area

Loving the color of the Christmas Tree displayed at the main area
 For me, the Musical Fountain Show is where I enjoy the most. It's really a great idea to come here and witness this. Hope the pictures did it some justice :P

Project Fishy :D

multicolored lights and water show

great timing of the fountain and the projected image at the background

simply amazing :)

it's already late in the evening but there are still a lot of people...
 After the fountain show, we were finally able to go to the Oceanarium. This is the first thing you'll see when you enter...
what's up with the purple theme today? :p


love the shot of light and shadow

Getting tired... need to sit first.


Trivia about penguins at the Penguin Exhibit
At the end of the day, I was really exhausted but I also had lots of fun! There's some on-going construction happening outside the Ocean Park... I'm wondering what attractions they're adding... oh well, at least I have an excuse to visit again next time.