Saturday, December 31, 2011

Daily Outfit: Goodbye 2011!

Hi again! It's been a while since I posted anything. I got caught up with all the festivities and last minute things-to-do that I completely didn't open my blog. The saying "better late than never" always work, right? :) In time for New Year, I also have a new haircut :) Nothing much really... it's an updated bob cut with the back shorter than the front and shorter bangs. Anyway, here's what I wore on the last day of 2011:
top: given by sister, denim shorts: Jag, red flats: Parisian @ SM Dept Store, printed bag: thrifted

The flats I bought during the Christmas Sale. I love that it's sheer that I can see my toes :)  

This is currently my favorite 'ukay' bag :D My favorite bags are usually the thrifted ones hehehe

Now these are all things I ate that day (yikes! hahaha):
Fish gratinee with parmesan sauce (@Banapple Ayala Triangle) for brunch

Coffee Toffee Roca Pie... love it!
The simple New Year's feast with my friends... notice the 2 round fruits and the round baked potato halves :D
 I spent my New Year in Manila with my friends who weren't able to go home to their provinces. As for me, I already spent my Christmas with my family back in Baguio City. Unfortunately, my leave credits weren't enough for me to extend my vacation up until the New Year... (which brings me to the thought that I didn't post a Christmas blog! again... better late than never :P)

Hope your New Year festivities were fun and safe :) I didn't post any fireworks pictures because I didn't take any :D My friends & I were all afraid to go out thinking that there are "paputok" everywhere. I guess the New Year campaign of the Department of Health where they show graphic pics of missing fingers and bloody hands are effective! (for us, at least)

Here's to 2012 guys! Looking forward to another 365 days of fashion, great food & travels and good company!



  1. I had work on NY and Christmas eve. :(

  2. oh I only saw your comment just now... too bad you have to work on a holiday. but i guess the good thing about it is the double pay and at least you don't need to worry about the firecrackers scattered everywhere :)