Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Shopping Part 2

I only got time today to actually take photos of the other batch of my Christmas Sale buys. This batch is what I call "The drapey, flowy dresses edition". I believe that if something fits you well and it's also something that you love, buy multiples of it :D I love drapey & flowy dresses since it doesn't cling to the body and it hides a multitude of body flaws. So I bought a lot of them while it's on sale... and most importantly, while I have money :P

The first batch are all solid colored:

cobalt blue jersey dress: Landmark

maroon blue jersey dress: Landmark

black blue jersey dress (sleeveless version): Landmark

up close draping of the black dress
draped jersey dress: Blanc et Noir @ SM Department Store

up close detail of the dress
aquamarine jersey dress: Philosophy @ SM Dept Store

I love the idea that these dresses are like a blank canvas. It can be matched with bold and/or printed accessories :)

Now on to the printed dresses:

hat print garterized dress: Tomato

The hats are so pretty :D

Pink & Gray animal printed draped dress: Philosophy @ SM Dept Store

The print and the drapes

purple bohemian printed chiffon dress: Tomato

love the print and the color combo or purple, white, & turquoise
 I just can't live without anything printed so I think it's just right for me to buy these dresses (ok, I'm just justifying my items :P).

I usually buy at Landmark and SM Department Store since they have a lot of inexpensive yet very chic items. I especially like Philosophy & Blanc et Noir so when I go to SM, these are the brands that I first check out.

This year, I've added Tomato to the go-to list. I really thought that their dresses are only for the very petite/slim but I was surprised that their dresses fit me as well (I'm a bit chubby and I have a stomach pouch to hide hahaha). They also have a very pretty collection of flats as well.

Since 2012 is now here, I wish you all more great finds to come :)


P.S. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos. I was still a bit sleepy when I took this pics so it was taken in a rush :D


  1. Hi Esther! Happy New Year!

    I love your Tomato dresses! I didn't realize that they now have apparel for larger sizes, last time I was there, pang-payat lahat ng nakita ko.

    I especially love the last one, will check out Tomato soon.


  2. Hi Dea! nice to see you in my blog :D Happy New year too! I was really surprised that those dresses fit me--- and they're both in Medium :D I guess it also depends on the design. Both of the dresses are garterized so it's stretchable.

  3. I love the solid colors and I think I'm doing my shopping during end of season sale. Humanda ka wallet!