Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daily Outfit: Beetle Mania

Happy Wednesday people! :D Here's my work outfit today. I chose a simple, solid-colored dress & cardigan to highlight the bag. The dress is flattering in a way that it has a knot located at the narrowest point of my waist... that created folds to hide my belly :D The bag, meanwhile, is actually a laptop bag that I used as a tote bag. I really love the print on the bag--- it's a vintage Volkswagen Beetle with two hippies…. I say, very classic vintage! I just adore quirky prints on anything :) My eyes just gravitate towards them.

blue cardigan, dress: Landmark, bag: Glorietta (forgot the name of the shop)

up close pic of the knot in the dress
up close pic of the bag

bazaar bought earrings

This is the first time I’ve taken a picture inside the office. A lot of my officemates were on break so I asked one of my friends to take a picture of me hahaha. So in a way, this was a quickie shot :D  By the way, that’s not my workstation you see in the photo. My workstation is a bit messy so I looked for a vacant one.

My work day was pretty uneventful. Well, in a way it was a good thing because that means there's nothing much to stress about :p I just hope that in the coming days I'll still be able to say this because there is a huge backlog on our onshore counterparts so that means we will also have a lot of things to do. However, I also feel blessed that we'll have a lot of things to do... this only means that we can keep our jobs :D



  1. awwww, this laptop bag tugs at my heartstrings:) i love how you turned it into a tote!


  2. thanks for lovely comment :) I didn't think twice when I bought this bag because it's roomy and it's versatile. The print is cute too!

  3. haha! i know what you mean but i don't like outfit shots inside the office. like outdoor shots more and love the laptop bag used as a tote bag.