Sunday, January 15, 2012

Extended Year-End Sale Treasures

... and so it was, the year-end sale was extended... to both my delight and chagrin :D It gave me more time to shop for items that I may not be able to buy on regular price but slowly, my New Year's promise to save just got broken... to a certain extent. Some of the items were bought using gift certificates I received, so technically, it's still a win-win situation for me :) Even if it's sale, I still don't buy anything above 1000 pesos per item...I don't know why but anything above it is already expensive to me :P I rarely buy clothing or other stuff above that price (and with a lot of options to choose from, you can buy cheap but quality items... you just have to look for them really hard).

Here are the items I bought over the course of the extended sale period:

- Love the sea-themed necklace! Wish I had thought of doing this :P necklace bought at Cinderella
- My adventure wouldn't be complete without buying clothes... which are really, really cheaper during sales :D

I got this top for 70% off! what I steal... and perfect for the upcoming summer season (that's March in our country)

navy sheer top: Unica Hija @ P250. Love the front details :)
I usually don't go to Forever 21 during sales because it can be chaotic at times but good thing I did because I stumbled on a very good find! I bought a dress at 50% off for P525... but it's like I'm getting 3 items for that price :D
the sheer dress, the slip, and the belt!

the actual dress... maybe I can substitute the pink slip with another color... and use the belt in other outfits :D
 - A lot of bags were also on sale and I'm very happy with what I found!

I love the laptop bag I bought from a store in Glorietta (see it here) that I came back the following week to buy another one (this time, it's a tote bag)... and it's only P500, not bad for something that's big enough to carry a lot of items and the print's so cute too!
tote bag: Prizms @ Glorietta
 I love satchels so when I found this, I didn't pass the opportunity to buy this. It costs P650; the materials are great!
Therapy brown & snakeskin satchel for P650 :)

- Lastly, I didn't buy this on sale but I was still surprised to find out that the book is less than P1000. I really thought that this is a really expensive book when Jane Aldridge first endorsed it on her blog, Sea of Shoes. I didn't bother to check it out at a bookstore thinking that I wouldn't be able to afford it so when I happen to go to a bookstore and see this (and found out it's price), I immediately bought it! I don't think I'll be able to blog as well as the featured bloggers on the book, but just seeing how they dress really serves as an inspiration (despite the fact that those bloggers are probably 5-10 years younger than I am :P)
Style Yourself book :)

So there it is... the treasures I found during the extended year-end sale :) I hope I can finally have time to relax and not buy a single thing for the next few months (or at least until the next grand sale).

Have a great day!



  1. i love the polka dotted dress! my wallet is so empty thanks to all the sale. T_T

    1. haha it can really put dent on your wallet. but as Alanis said in her song, "...i'm broke but i'm happy.." :D

  2. super love the sheer dress and the snakeskin satchel!

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like, i would love to have more filipina blogger friends :)

    1. hi roxanne :) I'm now following your blog :) good to see you had a good time at Macau! thanks for stopping by at my blog, hope to see you more here next time :)

  3. I like that sheer dress, too. :)