Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daily Outfit: Bluer Than Blue

This is a late post since this was my Wednesday work outfit. Anyway, just another quick post. I know, the title is an obvious giveaway :P I absolutely love this shade of blue, somewhat of a cobalt color. The dress is great not only because of the color but also of the details in the middle…. it hides my (really big) stomach problem :P I bought this style of dress in 3 different colors: blue, burgundy & black (which I already wore here).

dress: Landmark, leopard print heels: bazaar-bought

To finish the outfit, I paired it with my leopard print heels (which I already overuse). I use blue & brown combination quite a lot… but for me, it just works :)

In other news, I updated my last post since I successfully booked a P1 fare flights promo (Cebu Pacific) to Bohol (August) and Cebu (October) last Saturday early morning! I never had much luck booking for a piso fare promo before so I really didn't expect that my "experimental" booking to Bohol will actually go through :D So when it did, I excitedly booked for another one, this time for Cebu... and again, I had a successful booking! Luck is definitely on my side this time :P

Anyway, time to sleep... it will be Monday again later. Time sure does fly so fast!



  1. wow! congrats with the piso fair ha! as in lang! :)

  2. thanks :D I was very very lucky... the first time I was ever successful at booking for the piso flight promo :p

  3. i like the electric blue dress with the animal print shoes. a better combo than the red and animal print:)