Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily Outfit: Seeing Stripes

This was my outfit last Friday (I know, late post :p) Apologies for the photo quality... forgot to bring my camera so this is all I got  :D Anyway, my friends & I hanged out at a Chinese restaurant after work. We had a lot of things to catch up to and there were ghost stories & laugh trips as well!

The thrifted top is an old one… I had it for 2 years already. I love that there is a gradual differentiation of color and thickness of stripes. The darkest color and thinnest stripes are in the lower portion, concealing my tummy  (definitely a plus for me! hahaha).

necklace: Landmark, top: thrifted, watch & bag: gift, jeans: Jag, flats: Parisian @ SM

I love the latest necklace I bought that I wore it again (I first wore it last Monday; check out my Monday outfit). I guess there’s nothing bad wearing the same accessory or outfit over and over again if you really adore it.

In other news.... I finally went through with my thrifting adventure! Although, most of the items I bought were for the online shop I'm planning to open this month (or next month, depending on my schedule). It was really not planned to be that way but I found a lot of good items that just didn't fit me but can be potentially liked by someone else. I'm really, really, really hoping that I'll have the guts & time to open an online shop to sell my handmade accessories & thrifted outfits. Cross fingers! This time I won't procrastinate...I already wasted a lot of time just wishing but not doing :P

Wish me luck! ... and blessing :)


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