Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily Outfit: Runaway with Me

The title of my Friday outfit post came from the bag... I already featured it here. The print reminds me of some romantic comedy movies where the girl finally realizes that she loves the guy and then chases after him. The guy is then lovingly waiting for her in his arms and after that, they run away together...  hahaha I'm really watching far too many rom-com movies :P

top: Bench, necklace: DIY from old necklace, bag: Krizia, lace flats: Milk & Co

I finally wore the DIY necklace featured in my previous post

I shall call this my "Romantic Comedy Bag" :)
 Here are two movies I think of when looking at my printed bag:

not exactly a bridge but the mood feels the same nonetheless :) *photo courtesy of*

Roman Holiday...I really love this movie!  *photo courtesy of*
I had a very laid back & peaceful weekend... and I should congratulate myself for not buying anything :D But now, I have to sleep early because it's Monday again later... another five days of work... work that I'm thankful for (even if sometimes I complain about it :P).

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams pips! :)



  1. I hate Mondays and thank God it's almost Tuesday.

    1. thank God it's Tuesday! (or Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday /Sunday) :D