Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping Part 1

I have to confess... I spent a lot this Christmas season (and still continuing to spend)... maybe it's the "Sale" sickness kicking in :D This is just a quick post of what I bought during the last 2 weeks (I'll post the others next time; I forgot to take pictures of them):

I bought several necklaces. Even if I create and sell accessories as well, there are times that I just fall in love with other accessories that I just have to buy them :D

bought at Cinderella; necklace

necklaces: Landmark

close up details --- globe balloon (with bear inside the basket), red lobster, and peacock  

I also bought 2 sheer tops with feminine details. Both are in muted colors... which is unusual for me since I'm a fan of very colorful tops :)

Blouse: Calypso @ SM Department Store

different shades of gray with embroidery and beads
Blouse: Calypso @ SM Department Store

sheer lace details up close
 Finally, I chanced upon a flats with sheer details (what's up with the sheer thingys :p). I really love this... my new favorite flats :D
Shoes: Parisian @ SM Department Store

up close details --- red color, ribbon and sheer floral details
So this is Part 1 of what I bought this Christmas season :D I'll try to post the other stuff I bought when I can. I'm currently busy packing since I'll be going home to my province (well, home city is more like it), Baguio City, for a well-deserved R&R and of course, to spend time with my family and old friends :)

In case I forgot to post during the holidays, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a fun and safe holiday :)


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