Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Outfit: LRD

A LRD (little red dress) is not something that's on top of my fashion list (LBDs still reign supreme in my closet). In fact, red is not my favorite color at all. However, there's just something about this Forever 21 dress that struck a cord. The red-ness of this dress is just right--- not too bright, not too dark. What really made me fall in love with this dress is the sleeves... it reminds me of origami... or paper cutouts... or lattice... or... the list goes on :) The arms are not exactly my best body feature so this is exactly the reason why I don't go sleeveless... with this dress, I don't need to.

dress: Forever 21, bag: given by sister, heels: bazaar bought, earrings: SM

close up pic of the sleeves and earrings

close up pic of the heels
To complete the classic look that I was going for, I paired it with my new heels that I bought at a bazaar for only 450 pesos :D I just fell in love with this pair the moment I saw it. I then used the bag that was given to me by my sister. To make the outfit more "me", I chose "bohemian" earrings in dark orange (to complement the red and brown tones).


P.S. It finally rained today!... definitely a much cooler day than yesterday :D


  1. This look is perfect! I've noticed that red goes with anything animal printed. I'm happy that I recently bought a bright red skirt but no animal printed shoes, though.

    I can see why you like the material used for this dress. It's light and gives the body the exact curves. Happy Friday!

  2. sorry for the late reply :) thanks for the lovely comment! I agree, animal prints matches well with red. hope I can think of other ways to do red+animal print combo...