Friday, December 9, 2011

Daily Outfit: Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

Ok, first things first... I wasn't able to post this here in my blog last Wednesday because of the "bed weather". My bed is just inviting me to sleep early rather than open my blog. The rain has been pouring non-stop for the past few days that it was just hard to do anything :)

Anyway, here's my outfit last Wednesday. I was lazy to mix-and-match that I just grabbed the first thing I saw in my closet :P My outfit ended up to be a girly girl one --- complete with sheer details, pearls, and polka dots & stripes combo.

Sheer top: bought online, skirt: Surplus Shop, wedges: Mario D' Boro
up close details of the top
Tomorrow is our Boogie Bash Christmas Party. I will not exactly wear a "costume", just a dress that is inspired by the 70s. Well, I don't plan to claim the Best in Costume anyway so no worries for me :D I'm there to enjoy the show (which will be hosted by Bianca Valerio! yey!) and to eat of course hihihi. I'm also crossing my fingers on the prizes to be given away.... I really do hope that I win this time (I mean, I haven't won a single thing on all past parties... not even minor prizes!).

So I'm off to my beauty sleep now. I don't want to end up looking sleepy eyed on my party pics :)



  1. that is one intricate shoulder detail. very nice.
    care to follow me? ill follow back. :)

  2. i would love to see what you would wear on your party and yeah, the bed's very inviting because of the weather. i'm not even attending any christmas party cause i'm saving up for next year's trip and i think i said it before or posted it as a comment.

    have fun, alright! :D

  3. wow that's great :D love to see your travel pics next time! I really had a great night... sure had fun :D