Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Outfit: Chee-dots

I should have posted this yesterday but I was so tired from work. Anyway, here was my work outfit last Monday. I did a print-on-print on my dress and heels because I love both of the prints so much; I decided to just wear them together :) Monday was such a busy day... usually, it's less hectic than the 4 other work days but it really was different this time. Good thing, I felt great about my outfit :) I already wore this dress before - albeit, with a different belt and shoes (and no cardigan), see it here.

Dress: thrifted, cardigan & belt: Landmark, heels: bazaar bought
 On another note--- our company Christmas party will be this Saturday, December 10. The theme is Boogie Nights - 60s & 70s style :D I already have an outfit... well, I just hope that will work with the theme :) I'll make sure to take photos on that night... so just stay tuned hahaha.



  1. I hate Manic Mondays and have fun with your party. I'm skipping our company party this year. After four or five years of attendance, nakakasawa na. Haha! XD

  2. We all have our own manic days :( Thanks, I really hope I'll enjoy the party :) hahaha well maybe next year I will not be attending... especially if I'll not win a single prize this year :P