Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fever Pitch

It's been a while since my last post. Due to (emotional) stress at work & ever changing weather, I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Worst yet, I got sick :( So yes, these are the reasons that I wasn't able to update as much as I want to. I didn't even got to upload pics at Chictopia as well. I have 3 outfit pics that were not uploaded before I got sick so I'm just going to post it all at once (hehe time saver :p)

I'm feeling much better now (physically & emotionally). I just hope that nothing/no one will ruin my week again. Ok... happy thoughts where are you? :D

Here are the pics:

Polka dot dress: thirfted, belt & lace up booties: Landmark, lace bangle: bazaar
My outfit last May 12. I'm so happy with this dress because I bought it in perfect condition for only P35 at a thrift shop in Baguio :D It has a retro vibe and it can be accessorized in a lot of ways (I was planning to wear it with a red belt that I haven't used in a long time... sadly, because I gained to much weight, the belt no longer fits me!). To give my usual favorite heels some rest, I resurrected my lace up booties (looking back at this pic, it made my legs shorter. Too late for that now).

Top: bought from Australia, polka dot & stripes skirt: SM surplus, floral flats: bazaar, wire bangle: Landmark, earrings: Forever 21

This was my outfit last Monday, May 16. Now I remember the reason why I haven't used the lace up booties in a long time... it's way to high and uncomfortable that I sprained my ankles yet again wearing it :( So this time, I wear flats... the color of the flats matches all the colors in the skirt (serendipity I guess). I made my look simple because I remember that it was a very hot day! I got sick that night (and its probably because of the hot weather outside + sub zero temp inside the office) and was on sick leave the following day.

Floral & polka dots top: thrifted, belt: Landmark, bag & sandals & jeans: SM Department store, ring: Forever 21

This outfit was taken May 20. I love this (yet another) thrifted find because of its pattern. A combination of two different floral prints PLUS polka dots :P Print overload (in a good way... to me). I paired it with simple accessories. This is also the first time that I wore the sandals that I bought at the SM Mega Sale.

Hmm... funny that when I was putting captions, I only realize now that I was wearing florals &/or polka dots continuously for the last two weeks :D

So this is it for now. I really hope I can get my energy again to post blogs on a regular basis :)


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