Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black & Blue

Ok this is not exactly a very creative title.... I'm quite in a hurry really because I feel like today is going to be a very day in the office (more than the usual work we already have) so I'm just making a quick post today. I know I said last time that I won't be wearing a black dress this summer (and it started to feel reaaalllyyy hot again today, sad to say) but this is one of those dresses that is such a no brainer and is wrinkle proof that I just have to wear this. It's technically not a pure black outfit anyway.... :p

So here's today's work outfit. I forgot to mention yesterday that I bought an earring & 2 rings at Forever 21 (I simply can't resist!). I already wore one of the rings yesterday and today I'm wearing the other one :) It's much bigger but it's still cute & quirky.

Dress with peter pan collar: thrifted, wraparound belt: SM Dept Store, studded heels: bazaar, ring: Forever 21

Upclose pic of the ring... it's a bug (I think) :P

One of my favorite shoes... I have quite a number of shoes but it seems that only wearing 3-4 pairs :P


  1. Cute ring and shoes! I love the Peter Pan collar on your dress :)

  2. awww i've been looking for peter pan collar dresses! lucky find for you :)

  3. @burning skies: thanks for checking out this page :)
    @hazel: thanks! I'm sure you'll find the dress you're looking for one of these days :)