Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Rain

It's really a very erratic week (weather-wise). It's suppose to be summer here in the Philippines but the past 2 days brought non-stop rain. Although I love the drop in the temperature because of the rain, it also brought flood at other areas (I pray for those families affected by the flood). Well, it really is hard to predict the weather this days... climate change much?

It was a bit cloudy today and the weather is gray, so to cheer myself up, I had something garden-y & summer-y. There is so much flower stuff going on that you can literally plant me in a garden :P

Anyway, here's my work outfit today:

floral lace blouse: SM Dept Store, belt: Landmark, floral skirt: thrifted, shoes: Shubizz, earrings: bazaar, ring: Forever 21

Upclose pic of earrings & ring
I just hope the weather will just stay cool as it is right now... I really prefer it than having a very hot sun burning you :P But I really can't dictate the weather, can I? :)

Anyway, whatever the weather is, stay safe everyone!

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