Saturday, May 7, 2011

Better Late than Never

Hi again! Hope you're having a great day today :) I am having a fantastic day so far 'coz it's raining ... a break from the very hot weather we had this past few weeks! It's also nice to sleep when you can hear the raindrops outside :) If I do go out later, I won't be sweating too much (which adds to the icky feeling).

Speaking of going out, I'll have to help the sister of my friend in her bazaar booth. After all, some of those she's selling are my accessories :D At this point in my life, I should already be aiming for a managerial position in my job or that I have decided to go to another country to seek greener pastures but instead, here I am just starting my passion for creating accessories and thinking about selling them. I have to say I'm a late bloomer when it comes to knowing what I really want. I think I really suffered a quarterlife crisis a few years ago (now you'll have a clue on how old I really am :p) But the good thing that came out of it was that I have realized that being on top of the corporate ladder and having a high paying job will not make me happy. So now, I'm thinking of resigning when the time is right (if I already have enough funds to fuel my business) and start doing what I really want.

Ok this is getting long :D ...

Anyway, since I'm already talking about being late, I might as well post my outfit last Thursday :) We were busy at the office that I totally forgot to post this:

Dress: Thrifted, shoesz: bought at a bazaar

Upclose pic of the shoes
My outfit has a romantic, vintage vibe to it.  But most importantly, I didn't have to iron the dress! (which is a plus when you're in a hurry hehe)

So this is the end for now...


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