Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mega Sale!

As much as I want to blog about Prince William & Kate's wedding, I was at work at that time and didn't get to see much of it. What I want to say though is that Kate (or should I say, HRH Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) looks amazing in that wedding dress! It's true to her style - classic and regal.

Anyway, what I want to share to you is my experience with the ongoing 3-day sale at SM Megamall (April 29-May 1). I went there yesterday and I have to say, it's both exciting and exhausting! Exciting because there are a lot to choose from... and exhausting because I feel like half of the population of Manila is there! :P I swear, at one point I thought that I was going to faint...

I have taken pics of my purchases. Again, I do apologize for my lack of photography and editing skills... do appreciate the items though :D

Here's the pic of what I wore that day:

Top, shorts, & beaded sandals: SM (haha I only realized it now that all of it are from SM :p), sequined bag: thrifted.
upclose pic of the sandals

I bought a dress and 2 tops from SM Department Store. I could have bought more if not for the hoards of people inside :p (it's hard to move and carry a lot with that condition)

animal print sleeveless dress... light enough that it's good for the increasingly hot weather. dress: Samlin
upclose pic of the dress... it actually has a stripe detail as well :)
My favorite purchase in the department store. It's a chiffon top with nautical details :) perfect for summer! top: Unica Hija

upclose pic of the print and gold buttons

Pleated top with flower print trim and ribbon belt. It's very vintage- looking which is ideal for pencil cut skirts or slim pants

Upclose pic of the pleated details and the floral ribbon belt

beige lace up sandals

Also, when I usually go to Forever 21, I only end up buying accessories... but this time I was finally able to buy 3 outfits which I sooo love! :D

This boho top may not be the ideal color for summer but I was really drawn to the details... so I will still think about when I should wear this :D

Details on the top.... so exotic looking :D

This is another bohemian top which I can definitely wear this summer! It's light colored and sheer :)

The embroidered details, the tassels, and lace... perfect! This is my favorite purchase in F21.

Red satin dress with sleeve details. When I bought this, I really thought that it's fuschia pink. It was only when I was taking pictures of it did I realize that it's actually red (and I didn't read the tag which indicated that it's Red :P)

The sleeve... it's a cool and surprising detail for a simple dress :)

I can say that even if I ended up so tired when I reached home, it was a very fruitful day indeed ;)

P.S. I mentioned on my previous post that I'll be posting my ukay purchases from Baguio. Well, I forgot to take pictures plus I already sent the outfits to the laundry shop... so I'll just post them one of these days (I hope) :P


  1. didn't even get to watch the royal wedding since i had to be with my fam bam but she did look very elegant and royal. love the shoes you purchased in sm. :)

  2. Great finds! I originally planned on going but thinking how packed the mall would be, I decided not to haha! :)

  3. @thechyrelgomez: that makes two of us who didnt see the whole thing :D good thing there are replays and pictures! glad you like the shoes :)

    @ tricia lay: thanks :) there's always the next sale to go to :D