Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swirly Bits

I think I already mentioned before that I post pics on Chictopia. I initially didn't connect this blog to my Chictopia profile as I have no intention of showing my face on this blog :D However, I realize that it's hard to post pics in Chictopia while blogging about entirely something else. So, to make things simplier, I decided to just show my face and blog about my outfit (well of course, if I have other things to talk about or if I have my items of the day, I'll include it in the blog too).

So here it is... hope you like my outfit :) Don't mind my (always) haggard face... I'm not exactly a make up person.... so right now I'm already apologizing for my face :P

 The title is really about the colorful skirt. It's like an abstract painting! The more amazing thing about it is that I got it in the thrift shop :D (got to love thrift shops!) To offset the vibrant color of the skirt, I paired it with a simple top and accessories.

The accessories also serves as my Items of the Day.. I bought these at a bazaar for a very cheap price! I have them for a long time so I'm happy they didn't give up on me :P


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment & for following my blog, dear! Sending back the love and I'm gonna follow yours too! :-) Btw, I love your skirt! I'd love to try thrifting one day! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment too :D Glad you like the skirt! Maybe one day we'll see each other at thrift shops :D

  3. The mixture in the colors of this skirt are just beautiful! And I must say I just adore your pixie hair cut... You pull it off wonderfull!

    Thanks ever so much for dropping by my blog! I appreciate it so very much :)

  4. thank you very much for the comment! glad you like the skirt and my hair cut :D looking forward to your latest outfits and finds ;)