Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal Instinct

I'm trying to catch up with my posts... and because of the SD card issue I experienced recently, the pictures I upload are not exactly taken real time. Here's another archive picture (although this was just taken last Thursday). This is my work outfit. It's not exactly a basic outfit (because of the print) but the cut and style is simple enough for me to wear at work. To boost some color, I added a cobalt blue cardigan (the weather is really unpredictable... there are days when it's quite cool).

Back to the animal print... it kinda reminds me of being an animal, not because I look like one (LOL), but because animals (especially those that live in the wild) have to fight to survive their environment. This is what I currently experience in the office (I hope I don't have an officemate who reads this). There are some people there that try to pull you down and back stab you. Some have attitudes that you don't understand, it drives you crazy! I used to cry a lot because of these situations but I realize that they are a waste of time and energy :D I'm trying to be stronger and just ignore them... (ok, this post is getting serious....)

Anyway, here's the pic of my office attire last Thursday :)

Dress: bought from bazaar, cardigan: thrifted, heels: SM Dept Store

P.S. I just realized that next to florals, animal prints is trailing behind as my print of choice! Just sayin'...

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