Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To be or not to be....

Weight is sort of an issue to me. Ten years ago, I really thought I was fat. I'm not confident with my body. Fast forward to the present time and I'm now chubbier than ever before. My friend is always telling me to go to the gym and drink slimming coffee.... which I can't get myself to do because I'm too lazy :D My number one resolution is to lose weight but 4 months on and I still haven't shed a single pound :P (so much for not fulfilling my resolutions!)

I'm (virtually) given 2 options: (1) Follow my friend's advice (more like a demand really :P) or (2) Just accept my body and be confident about it. I recently stumbled on a blog, Girl with Curves. The blogger Tanesha Awasthi is a very pretty, curvy girl who just loves her body. I just think to myself how I wish I was like her :) Add to that, she's very stylish too! Her classic, simple style mixed with ethnic and bold accessories is a look I love so much!

I guess the moral of the story is that no matter what your shape is, you should love your body first :) Maybe I don't need the two options after all... I can go to the gym to be healthy but not fret if I still have curves... hmmm, now that's the best of both worlds!

I haven't posted an Item for Today in a long time... so speaking of bold accessories, I made some chunky bangles :) Hope you like it! I'm on the starting stage of fixing my Multiply account for my virtual store. I really hope that it will be finished soon!

Leopard print bangle with red, turquoise & gold accents

Lime Green textured bangle with gold & yellow printed buttons

Lime Green Textured bangle with gold chains and glass charms (corn, tomato, & leaf)


  1. I agree, no matter what body shape we have, we should really be confident about it and feel pretty and sexy nonetheless ;)

    Also, keep me updated if your accessory shop opens ;)

    stay awesome dear!

    Riz <3

  2. I agree to that :D sure, I'll keep you posted when my accessory shop opens (cross fingers!) take care!