Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Start the new year right... I hope

I usually don't create a New Year's Resolution because I know I'll break them anyway :D But this time around, I made one because I'm determined to make things happen. Hoping & praying that I won't break my promise to myself. Anyway, here's my resolution:

1. Lose 30 pounds (ok, make that 20 :p) and eat healthy
2. Stop swearing (easier said than done...)
3. Stop being lazy
4. Don't procrastinate!!!
5. Be F-A-S-H all the time
6. To update my blog and my Facebook account as much as I can (this helps me if I'm actually following the first five resolutions :p)
7. Be more paaaatttttiiiiiieeeeennnnntttttt with everything and everyone :P
8. Work harder!
9. Make more accessories and finally have the courage to sell them :D
10. Be happy :D

I said on my last blog that I'll be posting pics of the items I bought from Vietnam. Unfortunately, my camera's busted so I still don't have the pics. So my item of the day is not actually an item, but a place.... so here's the Place of the Day :)

Ho Chi Minh City was occupied by the French so some of the buildings there have a classical French architecture.

Notre Dame Cathedral (inspired by the real Notre Dame Cathedral in France)

 Outside the Ho Chi Minh Post Office

The telephone booths inside the Post Office

 Inside the Post Office (talk about a very posh post office!)

Exteriors of the City Hall (for a minute, I though I was in France :D)


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