Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flower Power

I recently cleaned my closet and rearranged the clothes inside then I've noticed something... I have a LOT of floral printed items! So many that I could probably plant a garden in my room :D I just love floral prints... it's a classic feminine print. Whether it's a trend or not, I will always gravitate towards/lust over/obsessed about floral prints!

Naturally, my items for today are the floral printed outfits that I was able to take pictures of while cleaning the closet... these are just some of it (so imagine how many more I have that I wasn't able to take pics of!):

This is my latest thrift shopping acquisition :) I love it because it has this romantic feel to it. The leaves look like it was hand drawn

I have this for quite some time now. It barely fits me now :D I'm not sure if the dress shrinked or if I was the one who gained weight  (I prefer the former) :P

I bought this at a bazaar for P150 (roughly US$3). Love the vibrant colors :)

Another one of my thrift shopping buys. It may look like a nightgown to you but put a belt and leggings... presto!... instant bohemian/romantic outfit.

Print on print is a big trend now... I hope this one passes the trend. Two floral prints in one tunic :)

One of my favorite skirts :) I got this from a surplus shop... love the combination of florals and stripes.

I bought this dress online last week . It is refreshing that it's not a in-your-face floral print... more abstract really (and very important --- it's cheap!).

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