Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm trying... I'm trying to update my blog as much as I can. Yet I'm stuck at my day job, working like a slave :p Now, I'm unable to post blogs even if I want to. I'm fed up with my job that I just want to leave everything and leave... but I need money for my shopping needs :D

Enough about the drama... Let's get back to (blog) business. I joined this site - It's an online community where you can upload a (chic) picture of you and blog about what you feel regarding the outfit. The other members may comment and vote for your pics :) It's fun because you get to see other people's style and also find your next fashion inspiration. Since the members are from all over the world, you can check out the trends of people from other countries :D I still don't have a lot of points yet (especially compared to others whose styles are freakin' amazing!) but it challenges me to be more creative in my style and show the quirky and classic in me :D Now this is a fashion crossroad for me!

My camera's still busted so my items for today are archive photos of some of my shoes that I absolutely love (again) :p

I love flats... they're very comfy... but I'm not the type that buys simple flats...the quirky side of me comes out - I want embellished and/or printed flats (like the first 2 pics). As for heels, I'm not exactly a stilletto person as I don't think it can carry my weight. I want chunky heels or wedges if I feel like adding some height :)


  1. I meant to say I love the purple shoes. And I agree, if I'm going to be in flats, they've gotta be awesome!

  2. thanks for the comment :) glad someone shares my love for shoes :D

  3. How awesome are the "people shoes!" LOVE!