Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I create accessories as a hobby (check out my first blog) but once in a while, I still buy accessories either as inspiration or I just love it so much, I want to wear it :D As mentioned in my previous blog, I recently cleaned my closet...I never realized I had so much accessories until that day! I think accessories play an important role in your outfit because it helps show the mood you want to portray (case in point: stacked bangles portrays bohemian while a strand of pearls equates to classic sophistication). Personally, I like chunky necklaces and bracelets... but really, as long as it's cute, fun, and unique (hopefully), I'll probably want it :)

My items for the day are some of the accessories that I bought that I truly, truly wish I was the one who created it :) :

Bought at Landmark (it's cheap too!) Love how the fabric was used to cover the beads and I also admire the gold accents.

How cute is the owl? :D Also, the bangle is very versatile because of its color - black,white & gold.

Another Landmark purchase. I have this weakness for accessories with cloth or ribbon accents. In this case, it has both :)

My friends tease me on this one... They tell me, "how come you wear coins on your neck?" :p (I think this one looks more like chocolate candies :D )

I'm not really a great fan of silver but I just adore the leaf motif & layering on this one.

Weaved native-looking bracelets :) It can be classic & fun at the same time :D

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