Tuesday, February 1, 2011

(H)earing Aid

I'm a great fan of earrings... too bad my ears seems to reject some. I can be allergic to earrings that's why I don't wear them as much as I want to. This doesn't stop me though from buying or creating earrings :D So sad that when I do get to be allergic to it, my ears looks like it's been murdered (I don't even want to describe how it looks :P) and won't be able to wear one until my ears are completely healed (which takes up to a week). Any suggestions on how to become non-allergic to earrings? or at least have a fast remedy for allergies? :D

My items for the day is of course --- earrings! :) Some of them are bought and others, I created.

Bohemian inspired... love them! :D

Another bohemian inspired earrings

One of my latest purchases... I just adore the chains :D

Cameo earrings... classic and fun at the same time

I just love floral earrings... it has a vintage and feminine vibe.

Animal inspired... fish (well, fishbone to be exact) and peacock :D

This is one of the earring I created... I just love the combination of the wax rope and the shoe charms

Another one that I created. Love the triple combo of black, gold, and white (or clear)

Chinese inspired charms turned into earrings :)

Another set of earrings I created - the left one have different shades of just one basic color (brown) and the right one is a combination of complementary jewel toned colors

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  1. I have the same problem, that's why I rarely wear earrings. Is it a nickel allergy? Idk, I've tried different types of earrings, and so far my ears only accept gold. I should follow their lead, lol. If you find the cure, please let me know! Especially because those earrings are all so cute.