Monday, February 7, 2011

Pixie Cut-e

I'm always a big fan of short hair. I rarely keep my hair long because I don't know how to take care of my hair. The slightest frizz or flyaway is like a disease that I must get rid of immediately :D I'm also lazy combing my hair and having a short hair solves that problem. It's literally wash and wear. I little hair serum or gel, mess my hair a bit and I'm ready to go. It also helps that my mother and all four sisters usually sport short hair too. 

One particular style that I'm obsessing right now is the pixie cut hairstyle. I remember, I once had pixie cut hair --- during high school, when almost all of my female classmates have long hair. It was by accident how I got to have that hairstyle. I told the hairdresser to trim my hair. My hair then was a bit short already and all I want is trim the frizz. The hairdresser then turn the chair, against the mirror. I was thinking to myself --- why would he let me sit against the mirror when all I want is a trim. As he was snipping away, I can see the excess hair dropping on the floor... it was quite longer than I asked for. After he was done, he let me face the mirror again... I got the shock of my life ---my hair was too short that I thought I look like a boy! I wanted to cry/faint/shout at the hairdresser :D At school, I was hiding like a fugitive from our School Director because I know he'll disapprove of my "boyish" hair. During flag ceremony, I usually stand at the back, hiding from my taller classmates. As time passes though, I learned to love my pixie hair. It was low maintenance and cute (in my opinion). I look back at my first pixie cut and I silently thank that hairdresser for introducing it to me :D

Some say that your hair is your crowning glory which  you can emphasize by having long hair and that guys dig women with long hair. I say, my hair can still be my crowning glory even if it's short and that I really don't care what guys think about my hair. This is my hair so I can do whatever I want :D Also, at this day and age, more women are sporting short hair. I'm so happy that the women I admire style-wise are also sporting pixie cut hair. Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Michelle Williams are just some of the celebrities that have this hairstyle and they look gorgeous! This inspires me to try pixie cut again. My face is rounder now than when I was in high school but I guess this won't stop me from deciding to cut my hair even shorter :) Let's see...

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