Friday, April 15, 2011

Fish Scales

Thank God it's Friday! :D I love it when all you have to do now is sleep and eat and not worry about work :p It's an added bonus that I'll actually be traveling to Hong Kong & Macau this weekend! I'm busy preparing my outfit that I'll be wearing so I want to keep this short.

The title pertains to the pattern of the top. It reminds me of fish scales :D What's amazing is the color... cobalt blue. I used to baby blues but now... the brighter, the better :P

I wear (more like abuse) my black jeans a lot... I actually have 2 pairs of this jeans because I just a hard time finding a good pair so when I finally found something that fits, I just have to buy 2 :D

I finished my outfit by wearing opposing types of accessories... the black chain necklace and the cheerful printed flats.

Top & Necklace: Landmark, Jeans: SM Dept Store, Flats: bought from bazaar

Cute fruit and flower print... with studs too!

The layered chain necklace

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  1. have fun in hong kong! :)

    excited for your outfit posts and photos from your travel. :)