Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Blues

I'm usually happy once weekends kicks in but today it's a bit different... let me count the ways why this is not turning out to be my day:

1. My SD card got corrupted! I can't access the pics that I was supposed to upload on Chictopia and the pics for my online store ggggrrrr! I mean seriously??? After my laptop, here comes another technical problem?!?1? I smell sabotage :P I hope I can still recover the pics though huhuhu

2. The newest Forever 21 store here is now open (which is just one short ride away from my house) but I don't have money (I know, so sad!) :( So I'm now stuck in my house so that I won't end up disappointed...

3. My cough is killin' me! I had this for over a week already... I feel like my lung's going to explode :p

So there you go... not exactly the best of days :( But enough of the ranting :D Since I'm on house arrest, the next best thing to do is to create more accessories or watch more Korean Dramas :P It's not shopping, but I guess that's good enough for now... until I'm attacked by the "Shopping Withdrawal Syndrome" :D

So, for my Items of the Day... these pics are the some of the accessories I made a month ago that I was unable to post. Fortunately I saved it on my computer before the SD card disaster. I'll also be posting these pics on my still on-going online store...

So until the next post... hopefully by that time, I already recovered the pics :D


  1. I have experienced the same problem of yours about gadgets.. sometimes I cried from disappointment, and my boyfriend keeps on repairing/replacing my gadgets.. well i'm lucky to have him who knows about I.T. Get well soon sis, BTW i love your creations :D

  2. gadgets can really be unpredictable :( but the good news is, the pics were recovered! I'm so happy that it was saved hehehe. it's really good that you have someone to help you :)I really hope that my cough will gone soon... and thanks for liking my accessories! :)