Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily Outfit: Clean Slate

Almost forgot to post this hihi. It's already in my Chictopia page last weekend. Anyway, an unusual very simple outfit for work (Friday casual day). Unusual because of the simple color and style which I'm really not used to...

top: Tommy Hilfiger, given by my sister, jeans: Jag, wedges, Keds, bag: Therapy

Love Keds! It's comfy & stylish :)

bracelet & earrings: given by a friend, ring: Forever 21
I also notice that my outfits are getting a lot simpler these days... not that it's bad, by the way. I guess when I realized that I'm already 30 (I turned the big 3-0 last year), I know that my style also has to change if I have to look my age. I'm still not in that phase but hopefully I can get there. Right now, I rely on accessories instead to "quirkify" me and finish off my look. Too bad I don't have enough pics in my 20s so that I can show you how I used to style myself :D That style folks... hit or miss! I just hope that the next 10 years will give me more style wisdom and that I can streamline my look :)



  1. <3 the bag!! I agree on the accessories part! Ack. I love excessoring! :p

    Thank you for the birthday greeting by the way! Really appreciated it <3

    1. thanks& you're welcome :D glad to know we share the love of accessories!

  2. Love the bag and the shoes! ^_^

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your comment. Stay safe, too! :)