Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Perfect Cone

Geometry: It's more fun in the Philippines :P

I've always wanted to go to Legazpi City to see the famous Mayon Volcano. Last February 24-26, I have finally seen it and it's so lovely :D Even better, I have seen it with almost nothing hiding it... I've read from a lot of blogs that when they go to see Mayon, it's usually covered with clouds --- but lucky for me, I've seen it in all it's glory :)

Here's the lowdown of what I did during the 3 day adventure (warning: photo-heavy post!):

We arrived in Legazpi at around 11:00am. The check-in time of the place we'll be staying at is 1:00pm so we decided to head first to Embarcadero de Legazpi to stroll around and eat lunch. We've read from blogs that Bigg's Diner is a must-eat so we went there.

Bigg's Diner at Embarcadero de Legazpi... our first meal in Legazpi City

Pork cordon bleu... sarap! :)

forgot the name of this cake :P

very retro :D

Embarcadero de Legazpi- seaside mall

After eating and strolling, we headed to our chosen accommodation, Vista Al Mayon Pensionne. We rested for a while then at 5:00pm, we went to Lignon Hill Nature Park to have some great views of Mayon Volcano....

nice, spacious, and clean rooms :)

Long and winding road to the viewing deck

overlooking Legazpi and part of the airport runway

Embarcadero and Kapuntukan Hill

catching the sunset on the way to the top

Finally! Mayon Volcano and all it's glory :D perfect cone indeed!

got to have a pic with Mayon :)
Lignon Hill Nature Park viewing deck
 After spending our time at Lignon Hill taking pictures and savoring the beauty of Mount Mayon, we headed back to Vista Al Mayon

the pension house's garden

inside the pension house... very old world :)
 On the morning of our second day, we were supposed to go to Cagsawa Ruins but it was raining so we have to come up with a back-up plan. We don't want to venture too far as we don't have our own transportation. We decided to go to Sto. Domingo (30 minutes away from Legazpi) and spend some time at some of the resorts there. Prior to going to Legazpi, we've seen the website of Costa Palmera Resort and it's natural seawater tide pool. So we headed there and see what this pool is all about.

Costa Palmera's natural seawater tide pool
The pool turns out to be a seawater pool and it's depth depends on the tide :) When we got there it was high tide so lucky for us, we can enjoy the pool. After our time at Sto. Domingo, we headed back to Legazpi and went to Small Talk Cafe for a late lunch. We tried their specialties and it was so good! :D Love the interiors too :)

Bicol Express pasta

generous serving of pork spareribs :D

receiving area of the cafe
After a very satisfying lunch, we went straight to Cagsawa Ruins since the weather is already perfect to see Mayon
Cagsawa Ruins with Mayon Volcano partly covered with clouds

Finally, the clouds are gone :) A much better sight of Mayon Volcano
 Once we're done in Cagsawa Ruins, we want to back to the pension house to rest since it was really a long day for us. We just ate our dinner in the pension house's restaurant (which was also good, by the way) and slept early. The following day, it was time to go back to Manila :(

airport runway with a view of Lignon Hill and Mayon Volcano
Overall, it was a great 3-day vacation :D How I wish it was longer so that we can visit other towns and beaches but I guess, we can always come back and see the other places :)


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