Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shopping Time!: Solemate

Happy Valentines Day!!! :D

Sorry for the long absence. I got sick (yet again huhu) and then I went home to Baguio City to celebrate my mother's birthday. Anyway, my post has nothing to do with Valentines Day with all the notion of soulmate and everlasting love :p This is regarding the brand of flats I recently discovered at SM Department Store. When I went home to Baguio, I unfortunately brought flats that gave me really painful blisters. I was forced to find new shoes that will help me ease the pain. I stumbled upon these pairs when I saw a sign that says "Buy 2 pairs for P399.75"! One pair costs P299.75 so I really got a big discount by buying 2 pairs :) There are a lot of colors to choose from; some were even printed. In the end, I chose 2 plain but colorful pairs.

Fuschia Pink

The best part is the materials used. The cloth is similar to a sweatshirt or jogging pants so it's super comfy and flexible. Too bad part I can't used this if it's raining :( I guess there are some sacrifices to make to compensate for comfort :D).

Nothing much to talk about today's happenings since I was in the office the whole time. However,our company gave red heart-shaped balloons & chocolates to each employee so we were not totally left out from the "festivities" :P

Hope you enjoyed your day :)