Friday, February 3, 2012

Daily Outfit: Girl Scout

Hi again! :D This is my Thursday work outfit. The colors of the dress reminded me of the Girl Scout uniform hehe. The shades of green & brown are the exact shades of the uniform. Anyway, I love this dress because it's comfy, simple yet vibrant, and it looks like a top & skirt combination :) Nothing much happened to me that day except that it's a usual busy day at the office :(

dress & bag: thrifted, heels: Parisian @ SM, necklace: Landmark

up close pic of the bag & heels
To not look like I'm going to camp, I finished my outfit with two printed accessories (heels & bag) with shades of brown, green & orange. I love that both of the accessories have the same color set even if I bought them at different places & time :D

Ok, go to go... I need to go somewhere today... until next time! :D



  1. I love turquoise, it's one of my favorite colors. :) I especially love turquoise with nudes, makes the color really pop out.


  2. Lovin the bag, girl! :)
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